Ben Shapiro CRUSHES AOC's arguments against Capitalism

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36 responses to “Ben Shapiro CRUSHES AOC's arguments against Capitalism”

  1. @DailyWirePlus Avatar

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  2. @aaronestrada7354 Avatar

    Socialism would have people who think like AOC eating out of dumpsters in place of their momma's fridge.

  3. @johndouglas-sr9uh Avatar

    Really you guys are the dumbest faciasts tosspots

  4. @tml721 Avatar

    AOC just showed that a pencil is smarter than her

  5. @Rachel-en5nt Avatar

    Funny how socialism is really easy to get behind when you've never held a salaried job prior to working in government (that's AOC and Bernie Sanders both; neither worked much before holding office). 👀

  6. @hypnoticpoisons Avatar

    fyi, nazi stands for nationalist socialism

  7. @ermomusic Avatar

    I think both views are too extreme. The ideal would be to have a better distribution of wealth. And this could be done by charging more taxes to people that have certain income. Yes, you are the business man that generated thousand of jobs but the problem is that the labor is so badly paid that it becomes inhuman, now, obviously we cant expect business men to donate their wealth to their workers so thats why i think it would be better to re-think the tax strategy to help small businesses and distribute the wealth of big corps

  8. @voskresenie- Avatar

    Wait, the government is 'us' because we vote for them and control them? What happened to the labor theory of economics? Isn't it awfully capitalistic to think that just because we choose the government and pay their salaries that we are somehow responsible for their work? We didn't do anything, the laborers in congress did, and it would be very presumptuous of us to take credit for their great achievements. We didn't do anything; they did.

  9. @dsgio7254 Avatar

    What nonsense.👉. Ben this is elementary. 

    1. ALL $ is Public capital since after 2008 and before banks have failed and saved by the gov. They have no capital themselves, They take credit from the gov, 

    2. They use high tech from the gov. ALL high risk public tech is funded by the gov, ( Computers, GPS,. pharmaceuticals, solar, iPhone components etc ) 

    3. Labor adds the surplus, Thats why you can have factories without owners but not private factories without labor,

    4. There is no risk . When a big private company fails is saved by the gov.

  10. @peterdurnford3594 Avatar

    “Literally” I don’t think that word means what she thinks it means 😂

  11. @notmyname8527 Avatar

    Did she build her house. Even if she did, did she make all the raw materials.

  12. @joycemaynard2500 Avatar

    AOC is describing communism. She wants equality of wages for everyone. That’s communism. Look what it did to Cuba! My cab driver there was an engineer. He made more money driving a cab than he would as an engineer. Maybe she should go move to Cuba with those ideas.

  13. @daveo6337 Avatar

    Its funny how people come to capitalist countries, I don't see anyone running to move to socialist or communist country. We all know she a waste of space.

  14. @iam0verl0rd63 Avatar

    She's, (Oh, did I just assume her gender? So not sorry!) It/itself is an extremist who thinks Israel shouldn't have the Iron Dome because its anti missile defence system somehow violates Palestine's humanitarian right to bomb Israel.

  15. @buckfan1969 Avatar

    There's a difference between ignorance and stupidity, but they can be combined to create a NY congressman. It wouldn't be a problem except the kids coming out of high school and college know nothing about economics, politics, or American history. But since they're ignorant, they follow stupid people like AOC.

  16. @xenomorphbiologist-xx1214 Avatar

    Imagine being so economically uneducated that you forget that slaves by definition don’t have wages

  17. @greatscott3470 Avatar

    You can't get money unless you took it from somewhere else. Greed fuels the ideology. Someone has to lose in order for someone else to win. These are all aspects of Socialism not Capitalism. AOC just has the terminology wrong.

  18. @richardgriffith1241 Avatar

    Stop calling them Democrats. They’re Communists and should be dealt with now. Before its too late.

  19. @elleryweir7863 Avatar

    The one thing I don't understand is how people in States running states can accept the fact that people should live on $7 an hour after you pay your bills your rent electric you know the way to get to work your lunch your food you hate you don't have money for food what are you going to eat and minimum wage is so low that you have to ask people to feed you how could that be good for anybody

  20. @user-df6lp8zw4g Avatar

    AOC is so stupid she couldn't figure out how many pancakes come in a box of pancake mix. Truly one dumb broad.

  21. @axiomist4488 Avatar

    What I cant understand is how can someone with such a low level of education and such an obviously low I.Q. get a job as a government official ???

  22. @Rob-fx2dw Avatar

    The description of the construction of pencil was put forward by economist Milton Friedman to illustrate how people who had never met personally or even conceived of each others existence could co operate to create wealth in a free market.

  23. @Anonymous_Lee19 Avatar

    AOC does not know it, but her opposing party is actually protecting her from self-destruction.
    Without capitalism, she will not have all the comfort in life, probably not even her job. Without any reward, she thinks people will have the incentive to innovate and manufacture? 
    This is equivalent to saying that North Korea (as it is) has the chance of becoming a technology powerhouse. You know, because people like to do things to benefit the society, without ever wanting something in return.

  24. @ronniemaclaine5234 Avatar

    The declaration of Independence has pointed out when a government becomes what our government is, it is the duty of the American citizen to overthrow the government. They have and we haven't.

  25. @jaypandya7441 Avatar

    She is the reason we need an IQ test for representative posts

  26. @djdomineer55 Avatar

    My brother is 18 and could explain economics better in 60 seconds than AOC could her whole life.

  27. @zadeh79 Avatar

    He crushed any hope of a valid argument as to why capitalism works.

  28. @mikehoefer1827 Avatar

    She’s so full of adam schiftt that her eyes are brown. She could be in charge of the next best thing and screw it up.

  29. @jackbpace Avatar

    She has no qualms about "taking" a million dollars for herself. AOC, Elizbeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and others of their ilk have NEVER done any labor nor created any wealth. They just take the wealth of others.

  30. @lennypignatello7493 Avatar

    Don’t forget. AOC Claims to have majored in economics

  31. @emilgreene9037 Avatar

    Yo stop ur making them think ur hurting them

  32. @tonyclifton265 Avatar

    if you could reason with socialists, there wouldnt be any socialists

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