Be The Change That You Want To See – Patrick Bet-David #327

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entrepreneur #smallbusiness #podcast #howto We all are a sum total of what happens in our life and what we think about it.

47 responses to “Be The Change That You Want To See – Patrick Bet-David #327”

  1. @anthonyholland7345 Avatar

    Phenomenal you just won a new subscriber

  2. @DonAscended Avatar

    25:45 is a serious point. I cut off all music for approximately a year and it projected my growth immensely

  3. @Goggans Avatar

    I want him to run for our next President but he’s playing with my emotions. Get on the ballot now dude❀

  4. @Teedo_Don Avatar

    Mannnnnnnn! This interview was so powerful. It was direct, and to the point, but it flowed so naturally. Big props to Patrick for being consistent and cutting the b.s. so people cant use it anymore. And props to David for having him on. This was a great conversation with a lot of gems

  5. @selisagaba1874 Avatar

    PBD is just woh. I have just started watching his podcast and I am beyond words to describe him. This guy is a born motivator, he lifted me out of rut, out of oblivion. I thank God that directed me to PBD. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  6. @rodgerbattle8692 Avatar

    Pat know who rome is that's funny to me πŸ˜‚ that's that work say my lady lol

  7. @BlackBeltTorusField Avatar

    Its ok to be forgotten all thoughts are not real. So live your life in peace not in what others think of you. Youll never hear the thoughts of others never

  8. @jayshaunpatty8972 Avatar

    Man I'm so glad I found this episode. I love this guys mentality. He is absolutely right about the paradigm shift. More ppl should do that and get inspired, not ashamed but be inspired. He has a great heart for life and mankind. I never heard of this guy but I'm definitely going to follow him on social media platforms because he teaches ppl to be humble and he has a great mindset

  9. @liviaserrano7856 Avatar

    Phenomenal interview! Very organic. You guys sound like old friends catching up. What a treat!
    I rewinded several times on points that were so good to re-listen and digest better! NICE!! πŸ’–

  10. @TeeTee-vw8mv Avatar

    I feel bad saying this, but I'm getting BS vibes from this guy.

  11. @THESUP3RULTRA Avatar

    lol im looking down at heaven and mad that nobody is coming to my tombstone? bro im dead. and they got shit to do.

  12. @1960pyl Avatar

    I can be rich, I want something, I have not had has nothing to do with finance!

  13. @1therabbithole Avatar

    PBD is problematic to say the least. He ignorant but thinks he is not. He also thinks he's smart, but he's not.

    Roland Martin ate his ass up with facts on many topics and when PBD realizes he is wrong he would change the subject πŸ˜‚

    The false bravado (or real) from him as a "ignorant other" is a pillar in racism and the American caste system that upholds "white man" norms

  14. @dolledbydes1 Avatar

    Boss πŸ’ͺ🏾

  15. @mrandmrssmithofficial Avatar

    I tap into PBD fairly often so I knew he was a force to be reckoned with…. but hearing this interview took him up another notch. Salute 🫑 πŸ‘‘

  16. @shattertheglass Avatar

    One of your top ten episodes! Loved it from start to finish. Also confirmation for my own channel. He dropped the jewel that was for you, but for all of us in this space. Gratitude

  17. @mattyice230 Avatar

    Better to be called out for wrongful choices than to avoid the avoid the truth. I don't miss my old self and I wish I made better choices a long time ago but better now than never.

  18. @rockyduck5716 Avatar


  19. @sarawillis946 Avatar

    It was great to see you both together. My take always: be intentional, be consistent yet be willing to always learn more to be the best version of self. Thank you so much

  20. @gsmith5152 Avatar

    Hopefully folks are very concerned about how they are living and treating others.

  21. @maribethcondrillon1079 Avatar

    Yes I really want to see you all there ❀️❀️

  22. @Boscovich1er Avatar

    One of the best interview! Thank you!

  23. @nicolewatson2579 Avatar

    paradigm shifts!….Rich energy

  24. @markesastewart4741 Avatar

    Am empowered the more! Choosing to not being a victim however determined to persevere becoming progressing into the best version of myself unapologetically..

  25. @theworkingpeoplespodcast Avatar

    Man Patrick Bet David has inspired me and my life has been progressively positively changing as a result of listening to him…..

  26. @Future_looksbright Avatar

    I came here for PDB… thanks for sharing

  27. @ikechicoreralation Avatar

    How he ran down the entire life scenario at 21 years old lol 12:09

  28. @ramongary4562 Avatar

    Another classic!! Goat Shands!

  29. @kenyattahill2758 Avatar

    I throughly enjoyed this video thanks for all you do!

  30. @novanewstories1487 Avatar

    Too much Add. Very distracting

  31. @masonmansitomargiela1399 Avatar

    I just discovered this channel today, I followed Patrick for about 4 years one of the best content creators on the platform. Your channel also looking like a great channel with all the information you and your guests are sharing. Thank you for all this amazing videos my brother. Blessings

  32. @monstermini225 Avatar

    Great interview!
    I'm reading ' master your mindset, Master your Business " by Jules Beshears… Life changing and eye opening way of thinking.

  33. @hugueskayofe718 Avatar

    Wow great interview, love your interviewing style, simplified and straight to the point. Any chance you plan on interviewing or have interviewed freight brokers/agents ? Great job, keep it up.

  34. @jasmineshabrell3878 Avatar

    Omg I'm the person he's talking about πŸ™„

  35. @brownsugarmisha9936 Avatar

    Pat always drops gems about mindset and good books πŸ“š love this interview Dave asked great questions πŸ‘πŸ½

  36. @Malikforever Avatar

    Power vs force great read I read it in 2020 I didn’t know it was that old

  37. @shenequadupree6539 Avatar


  38. @tianahubbard5605 Avatar

    Love this guy’s story ❀❀❀❀

  39. @samb9072 Avatar


  40. @genevievewilliams2776 Avatar

    Great Interview, thank you.

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