BANGER! “Facts” – Tom MacDonald feat. Ben Shapiro (REACTION!)

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33 responses to “BANGER! “Facts” – Tom MacDonald feat. Ben Shapiro (REACTION!)”

  1. @loriesters7960 Avatar

    I had a blast watching yall. Then, when I saw Ben watching your reactions to the video, next level! Great work you do. Thanks👏

  2. @GothicConservative Avatar

    You guys are so sweet I love watching the reaction!! Are yall from Texas?! Heyyyyyyy fellow Texan here!!!! Will have to watch more of yalls videos!

  3. @GothicConservative Avatar

    I wish I could watch this again for the 1st time!!! It was so fun lol

  4. @cynthiascott8639 Avatar

    Awesome song, Ben, Tom and you guys.

  5. @ashleyelizabeth4227 Avatar

    Y’all are the first reaction to notice the D A R E logo twist!!!!!!!!❤❤❤

  6. @dtw63 Avatar

    I literally laughed out loud at your reaction to Ben aka MC Menorah 🕎

  7. @user-vp8xl7sq2i Avatar

    I LOVE IT ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. @Anidawehi Avatar

    Tom is a plant. Hes not even independent like he says.

    Tom only wish he could be as talented as Upchurch.

    Tom is too busy looking up licking the basketballs of Upchurch's SEO
    Upchurch has multiple records that went gold and platinum and he tours and competes…Tom has no gold records or platinum records. Tom doesn't compete or sell out shows on tour. Tom has to use Upchurch's SEO. Upchurch doesn't beg people to buy merchandise and also Hannah Montana Tom buys views. 😂😂😂Lol.

    Upchurch is speaking facts. Tom has to look up to Upchurch. But Tom hides his eyes.

    Upchurch is not someone to mess with when it comes to rap battle.

  9. @GigaChad-ol6zh Avatar

    I love how y’all’s views has shifted I’ve been watching for a while i appreciate how y’all formulated your own opinions rather than following like sheep

  10. @maryanjames7890 Avatar

    I laughed non stop when you burst in laughter with Ben Shapiro's rap. Such joyful laughter without malice. Love love your reviews😂😂

  11. @prozzak1 Avatar

    Congrats on being featured on the Ben Shapiro show !

  12. @leibrasun8338 Avatar

    Wow, you guys must have no clue we actually have concious hip hip, smh

  13. @L-JayJohnson11 Avatar

    He said damn! The very first one, that was a real reaction. Lol the song nice.

  14. @DGirlinTX Avatar

    Y’all kept missing it when Ben said Nikki… It was 🤯🤯🤯

  15. @colonelilbrink8544 Avatar

    Y'all live with your parents!
    Yo, Ben Shapiro droppin bars!

  16. @YoureTalkingToHim Avatar

    Ben is the OG
    MC Square

  17. @nickwhite5675 Avatar

    Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, …whatever. We ALL fighting the same devil. There is no privilege when you're against him in this world. He's more heavenly minded than you are….because he's seen it and can't go back. Let's unite and leave him here. Love in Christ.

  18. @havingfun8192 Avatar

    “My money like Lizzy my pockets are fat” never in a million years did I think we’d see Ben in a rap song but I love it.

  19. @sophiaaihpos6563 Avatar

    I like most of these four of these guys, but I wish the one in the front right would talk more. He's my favorite to listen to.

    He didn't say much in this video, but he seems to be really intelligent & says good stuff when he decides to chime in.

  20. @yeseniarosario4337 Avatar

    FIRE!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. @pamelamohr289 Avatar

    I need to put this out there. I'm a 68 yr old wh girl and I am a fan of Toms music and I was not interested in rap, but he has opened my ears to quite a few good artists from listening to his interviews. Thanks for your pod cast you guys are great.

  22. @ShanonLee29 Avatar

    Your reactions, f-ing hysterical! You men cracked me up! I love this song, it is deep!

  23. @on1onsalt902 Avatar

    Hey Ben reacted to this reaction lol.

  24. @sararamos3903 Avatar

    Can you believe if Tom had also included Candace and Tucker that would have been phenomenal!!

  25. @sandyk378 Avatar

    I love your commentary, but going way too fast for my old brain! 🤔🥴😂God Bless you all and keep putting truth out there!✝️🙏❤️

  26. @myroselle6987 Avatar

    I love the part where they show Ben on the tv’s smiling and waving. For some reason that just tickles me….

  27. @PoliticallyIncorrectMechanic Avatar

    I had more fun watching you guys react than I did watching the actual video!

  28. @jamienicoledavenport Avatar

    I don't think it's a coincidence that Tom blew up and now the black community is starting to wake up.

  29. @Madmom70 Avatar

    Your reaction is in a Ben Shapiro reaction video!!!!!

  30. @jb36066 Avatar

    One of the funniest ever boys!
    Eminem is a Far LEFTIST~ no doubt!

  31. @LitteredNGlitter Avatar

    1 min in and that was a lot to take in! But this song is 1# on my playlist

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