Ariana Grande Is Absolute Filth For This…

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Trump wins the 2024 Iowa Republican caucus, Vivek Ramaswamy drops out, Nikki Haley pretends it’s now a two-candidate race, …

20 responses to “Ariana Grande Is Absolute Filth For This…”

  1. @lanovia3838 Avatar

    "unfortunate looking guy" 😀 😀

  2. @user-jn3tp6cw9d Avatar

    Candace, you, ma'am, are my hero. 'nuff said

  3. @chuckbh Avatar

    my wife has just removed the tip option off her spa business, she simply felt it was wrong when you charge $100 for service to then beg for a tip. At the very same time i had mentioned our dog groomer just removed tip from their business. Both businesses realized it was rude and over the top to asking for a tip..

  4. @christianwalmroth642 Avatar

    Dear Candace Owens,
    Some time ago I discovered your channel on YouTube.
    After seeing some of your posts, I was honestly a bit conflicted about you as a person.
    I was able to share your views on some topics a 100%; on other topics I just thought, is she crazy?

    If I understand correctly, you call yourself a good Christian.
    Didn't Jesus himself deal with sinners such as thieves, criminals and whores?
    Didn't he accept them with love and saw the good in them?
    Then how can you stand up and call someone like Ariana Grande a whore ?

    Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge,
    you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    Weren't those the words of Jesus?

    Yes the world has become a dark place but perhaps you are trying to strengthen your connection to Jesus
    and try to pray for the lost souls you see and not publicly nail them to the cross.
    With the very best regards from Hamburg/Germnay
    Christian Walmroth
    a student of Jesus

  5. @EricGray-zr2es Avatar

    Waiters and pizza drivers do destve tips. Dont get out of touch just cause you became rich and started to lose perspective. Dont look at people as peasants cuz u got wealthy

  6. @EricGray-zr2es Avatar

    Always tip a pizza driver. They use their personal vehicles risking accidents and tickets, depriciating their vehicles putting miles and wear abd tear. Pizza delivery drivers DESERVE a tip. But a cash register operator is not at all the same.

  7. @user-ol9zd9bj2n Avatar

    You are one of the greatest people on this planet!!!

  8. @erinknight4697 Avatar

    My husband left me for another woman and after our bitter divorce, the paramour left him for someone else..

  9. @domjohnson2579 Avatar

    I for one am happy about this tipping culture because it has forced me to look at myself and realize I don't need to shop at most of these places at all. I'm not playing this game at all which is the only way to deal with it. I don't need to go to restaurants because youtube has taught me to make an even better meal. I can do most of this stuff myself and you can take your tip and shove it where the sun don't shine. I'm happy telling the business owners this as well. I also say in 5 years don't wonder why you're out of business.

  10. @a.slomko7180 Avatar

    The Wizard of Oz commentary really misses the mark. The Wicked Witches were bad people who brought pain and destruction upon Munchkinland. The Munchkins are celebrating that their evil dictator is dead when the house falls on the Wicked W of the East. Dorothy was in a tornado, she had no part in deciding where the house fell. Also lol, the Wicked W of the West is not pleading with Dorothy to stay out of her way, she says to her, “I can’t attend you here and now as I like…” then continues in a menacing and threatening way, “but just TRY to stay out of my way, just TRY,” meaning if she comes across Dorothy she will harm her, so Dorothy better do her best to avoid the witch if she knows what’s good for her. It is easy to hear her tone, just like we can detect sarcasm or other inflectional patterns of speech. The themes and characters in this movie are very clear- It’s a children’s tale about good and bad, written with no ambiguity. I find this analysis totally ridiculous. It sounds like this idea that Dorothy was the menace was more of a joke but was analyzed way too deeply and seriously here.

  11. @tarynnasaurusrex Avatar

    I really would hope you had the moral compass to tip your service industry workers, wait staff, salon employees, etc, bc that's terrible if you don't tip those people

  12. @PlanetKaylah Avatar

    I thought you didnt respect Matt after what was released on how he treats his wife?

  13. @tinkerbell8507 Avatar

    The key words are: feeling guilty, taking the responsibility away from the bosses.

  14. @VibeNow56 Avatar

    😂😂😂 you gotta open hoes clinic and ari be the first customer 🤣🤣🤣🤣 got me dyin forsure

  15. @user-iy4nr3ci7n Avatar


  16. @user-iy4nr3ci7n Avatar

    She always was trying to play all innocent and sweet. That girl is deceitful. Mac Millar knew who she is but will never tell because he's dead. Jezabel at play sick little girl. 😢

  17. @calypsxo Avatar

    I think they prob do drugs together. I’ve seen first hand men turn to drugs when they have a baby because the stress is overwhelming. Leaving your long term partner and baby mama is obviously a stress response. Doesn’t make it OK but you can SEE both of them have strange features and it looks like drugs to me

  18. @HandleWhat. Avatar

    I definitely wont be flying anymore now

  19. @HandleWhat. Avatar

    I hope Nikki Haley does not "win".

  20. @account7020 Avatar

    ROFL 😂 Candace your the best! Ariana got roasted 😂

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