Affirmative Action Assumes Black Students Are Inferior | @drphil

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30 responses to “Affirmative Action Assumes Black Students Are Inferior | @drphil”

  1. @Petals_69 Avatar

    She talks super fast .

  2. @jamesrichardson63 Avatar

    And this man has a doctorate from a U.S. university. What a failure on ALL levels.

  3. @masiv733 Avatar

    Affirmative action has nothing to do with unearned status… It is about bias no matter how academically skilled a black person is. Smh

  4. @masiv733 Avatar

    Candace… You have no idea why affirmative action was established. You are speaking outta the side of your neck.

  5. @yi4733 Avatar

    Around 1955 my family lived in Detroit. When I walked down the neighborhood with the huge beautiful brick homes with lusious manicured lawns men would be out watering in the evening. Signs in the lawn saying "keep off grass". Living in the beautiful homes were "Negro Families".
    On Some streets were Apartment Buildings or 4 family flats With a majority of Hillbilliy Families from Ky and Southern states to find work in the Auto Industry. Every community has its Ethnic Families. Polish, Greek Etc.
    But the Negro Community Did Not Want the White Families there and some did what they could to run them out. Schools were predominately Negro.
    So the white families moved to the rural areas and the rural areas became prominently white, Southern People.
    Then people from Detroit decided they wanted out of the City, because the rural cities were predominately white and didn't want them moving into their neighborhoods they labeled them Racial.

  6. @Dabaddest239 Avatar

    Man Knowledge is ever Race!

  7. @locksm1th_ Avatar

    This is what happens when you’re need to be right blocks you from understanding reasonable, logical points

  8. @VanyelStefan Avatar

    So just keep over talking someone to keep your point and not let them have a voice…

  9. @dwp6471 Avatar

    Why does anyone listen to this woman? She is a college drop out, is not and has never been an educator, and acts like she is an expert on the subject. Just because

  10. @dkk8967 Avatar

    oh who friggin cares what color you are..GET OVER IT!!! if ya black..YOUR BLACK!!!… if ya white…YOUR FRIGGIN WHITE.. doesn't matter WHAT color you are..YOUR JUST INSECURE..cause your a certain color..MOVE ON GIRL!!! stop using your color to get ATTENTION

  11. @larry-kp9sp Avatar

    Affirmative action was intended to end admissions based on skin colors. Blacks weren't admitted. Colleges were choosing students based on their white skin… Just like Candace chose when she married.

  12. @munchkin7750 Avatar


  13. @cappiece3786 Avatar

    Candace loses all credibility being a trump supporter

  14. @rickmorabito9169 Avatar

    Candace is beautiful and Intelligent ❤

  15. @danzglinicki9982 Avatar

    Logic does not apply to ignorance ! 😮

  16. @devab2895 Avatar

    I totally agree with Candace!!!

  17. @williamkinzer9596 Avatar

    ❤Candice blows him away

  18. @bryangriffin3139 Avatar

    That's insane you're taking people better not qualified that's i

  19. @deweydean6037 Avatar

    Your just telling the truth and the truth hurts that's all

  20. @royfabris9348 Avatar

    This young lady needs to run for President. Or should be a vice president. Contender. Awesome young strong woman. Mad love God Bless

  21. @jacquelinedelgado1973 Avatar

    Yeeeeaaas tell him Candace!!! After I spend so much time and effort in making sure that my daughter goes to a multicultural school that focuses on her skills and developing her skills. Then this clown wants to make a policy to allow my daughter to feel inferior to other races by being given a pass to get into college.

    The reason why my daughter had such a high IQ test and was recruited by the army Was because I did not allow her to believe in the idea that she was inferior to other races.

    But while she was in college, someone decided to plant the seed in her head that she was inferior. And she came out of college with a business degree. But she did not want to apply herself or try because someone made her believe that she was inferior and could not succeed.

    I hope that as she grows older, she will realize she was a different person before she entered the college environment.

  22. @brendamallard7313 Avatar

    Thank you Mz. Taurus/Candace because you tell it like it is; So True. I'm hated for always
    speaking the truth BUT those I'm hated by
    will take what I say and do as their own idea
    in the first place.

  23. @msomething3579 Avatar

    In most things the 80/20 rule does apply in one order or the other. In this instance the inferior part is 80%, Candace is in the 20%. Same with police in traffic stops when the driver is black, 4 out of 5 times there will be a problem. Now when it comes to doctors or surgeons, do you to risk the 80% affirmative action or would you rather have a Jewish or Asian doctor,…

  24. @kathleengarwood6920 Avatar

    Oh brother Candace the oreo, she wants white success and will gaslight to get it,

  25. @joelirving752 Avatar

    You should limit your comments to your own experience. Black people like Clearance Thomas had no issue with getting into an Ivy League school basked on affirmative action. He said he had to work twice as hard as his white counterparts to succeed and yes he did succeed. You should have double down on your studying and made the most of the opportunity instead of getting lost inside your head. I never hear white people talking about feeling bad about getting into a good school based on legacy or based on how much money Mommy or Daddy paid to get them into a good school.

  26. @joelirving752 Avatar

    Affirmative action in the United States grants special consideration to historically excluded groups, such as racial minorities, women, people with disabilities, and veterans. The programs tend to focus on access to education and employment.

  27. @ruzimabonieck6908 Avatar
  28. @deborahgleason6582 Avatar

    Affirmative action needs to be abolished. For all the not so brilliant kids getting into colleges there’s BRILLIANT kids being denied. Race needs to be abolished from ALL APPLICATIONS.

  29. @katherineridgway2740 Avatar

    coleges don't care if you do well or not. They still get their money. Who pays for it? Grants and forgiving coledge debt takes the responsibility from the borrower to the tax payer. Coledges get more money if they let more people in and they don't care where the money comes from. Genious? Scam?

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