Aaron Rodgers on Backlash and Jimmy Kimmel Conflict

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Taken from JRE #2099 w/Aaron Rodgers:

27 responses to “Aaron Rodgers on Backlash and Jimmy Kimmel Conflict”

  1. @MP-nz8nr Avatar

    Jimmy Kimmel sold out to save face and keep a job, similar to Howard Stern. They would be permanently cancelled because of their pasts if they didn't chug the kool-aid.

  2. @user-gq6sf4si6j Avatar

    Another anti vaxer 😆😆😆

  3. @youngwun446 Avatar

    Two very dumb people talking ish on an irrelevant person.

  4. @grtzam4184 Avatar

    He seems to be a Narcissist, proven liar and a cancer in the locker room. Just go away Aaron and live a life without the need to be in the spotlight….from a life long Packer fan.

  5. @robertthompson2282 Avatar

    You see he is making a political statement. Let's blame the Americans that question the safety of the shot instead. No hospital bed for you. Jimmy needs to pay for making that Heartless Political joke!

  6. @O6i Avatar

    Jimmy had plenty of time to pay up to have his name removed from the list 😅

  7. @code_red7744 Avatar

    Jimmy will forever be a POS to me the way he talked about Turing people away at the hospitals if they refused the jab. Now they all try to act like they didn’t say those things.

  8. @burtonkozsey8167 Avatar

    He was not right. Wtf is he talking about?

  9. @itsallfunandgames723 Avatar

    Jimmy Kimmel deluding himself over how many Ls he's taken going up against Aaron.

  10. @brianhoch1269 Avatar

    You believed one way, and others believed another way. Your way doesn't automatically mean "courageous", and theirs doesn't automatically mean "cowardice"

    You're comparing apples and oranges….

  11. @TobinOsusky Avatar

    All credibility lost when Joe referred to tucker Carlson as number one.. Hahahaha

  12. @frankmaiorana3883 Avatar

    Dos de los tipos que más amo teniendo una excelente conversación. Joe, regresa a YT!! Saludos y admiración desde Venezuela

  13. @malsmith3487 Avatar

    The part about them thinking the simpsons predicted the trump escalator clip is dumb, it’s been debunked the real clip is from an old campaign Joe c’mon man

  14. @SamBassComedy Avatar

    If you love people like Jimmy Kimmel, you are on the wrong team.

  15. @Maliceless100 Avatar

    Flashback to Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels w these two conspiracy peddlers stroking each other. We're dying here ☠🔫🤣🤣🤣

  16. @LargeGrizzlyBear Avatar

    Never been a fan but Aaron Rodgers is winning me over😮‍💨😂👌

  17. @kevinguichon2993 Avatar

    where are the video recordings? The island had cameras everywhere!

  18. @cory5785 Avatar

    It sucks for the ppl like me that fought as long as they could…got fire, ran out of money…2 jabs later get job back…money was the only way to get around it

  19. @tylerbroadway8710 Avatar

    The smart people believe in what he believes in. The ones that try and find excuses of why he’s wrong are the dumb ones, most.

  20. @skosh6359 Avatar

    Aaron Rodgers literally gets paid by Big Pharma. His bosses are Woody and Christopher Johnson as in Johnson & Johnson. They even made a Covid vaccine!

  21. @runningbreymedina1475 Avatar

    Aaron Rodgers is such a douche. First, he cannot even remember what Kimmel said about him and he’s lying, watch the clip, he said Kimmel is or would be nervous when the list gets out.

  22. @billenclosed7131 Avatar

    This is what happens when you're a good looking football player with everyone telling you how great you are all the time. You tend to forget that you're in no way shape or form qualified to comment on certain things. Dunning Kruger in full effect with this one.

  23. @skosh6359 Avatar

    Aaron Rodgers saying, “I learned something on the internet the other day” says everything about him.

  24. @nunyadambiznes675 Avatar

    Big Pharma and other various chemical manufacturers are entirely responsible for the rising levels of transgenderism and homosexuality. Instead of acknowledging the source of the problem and fixing it, they expect us to accept it as normal and just move on, nevermind the damage to the future of mankind – there was money to be made!

  25. @snillum Avatar

    well this cuts off very abruptly at an odd place

  26. @bmolitor615 Avatar

    me me me… this modern generation is all about themselves, and THEIR stuff, and THEIR feelings, and THEIR needs. You see it both sides of the fence, ME ME ME! It's gonna be the downfall of American society, this deep self-centredness and selfishness and greed that you see in this generation.

  27. @stonegaspard Avatar

    This guy Rodgers is a piece of work, I thought he was smart.

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