21 Minutes of Tucker Carlson Getting Roasted | The Daily Show

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Desi Lydic, Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minhaj and Marlon Wayans break down one of The Daily Show’s most infamous subjects: …

26 responses to “21 Minutes of Tucker Carlson Getting Roasted | The Daily Show”

  1. @robcrawford3349 Avatar

    So is Tucker a News Anchor for the Russian Propaganda Network

  2. @adeadphish7931 Avatar

    The Daily Show: funny enough to make 21 minutes about Tucker Carlson bearable.

  3. @tombuilder1475 Avatar

    comrade tuckey needs to be prisoner swapped to russia!

  4. @stewpuddy4161 Avatar

    After the Putin interview, I prefer to call him CUCKer Carlson.

  5. @toneyingram732 Avatar

    Tucker the Indian didth want you people here either but you polluted it and killed them out racist

  6. @toneyingram732 Avatar

    Most people hate weak mind tucker and hannity and trump Swanson a racist company of black people that's why I Tucker I love it so much

  7. @PoohFi Avatar
  8. @Poemi10304 Avatar

    Tucker Carlson and his other MAGA opinion hosts are the real ones poisoning the blood of this country.

  9. @bc-guy852 Avatar

    How did this ever get uploaded to the Daily Show Channel??? This is NOT what it says – it's NOT 21 minutes of Carlson 'getting roasted' it's about several people – and, it's not clips of him being roased the way Jon did – it's – just – clickbait!!! Save your time. Unsubscribed.

  10. @QRS666 Avatar

    An opportunist who sold his soul for "fame" and power. Not uncommon….it just baffles me that so few saw that from the start haha.

  11. @TwoHawksHunting Avatar

    So he was born with an aluminum frozen food tray in his mouth.

  12. @simusocat Avatar
  13. @SebastianWeinberg Avatar

    I have to hand it to you: this supercut is much punchier than the non-edited version, "54 years of Tucker Carlson always having been irrelevant."

  14. @caolanod2261 Avatar

    regarding the c word, Ever been to Australia or Ireland? it's everyday speech.

  15. @donnarobinson205 Avatar

    I wonder if his roller coaster weight,has anything to do with how his b.s. is accepted?

  16. @zubetp Avatar

    after tucker was fired, i like to think he went home and cried. just threw himself onto the couch, buried his face into a decorative throw pillow, and bawled like a baby for hours. after a while, his wife came and gently laid a hand on his shoulder. and he whipped around and called her the c word, and then went back to crying.

    just fills me with peace and love to imagine that.

  17. @adikoopa1183 Avatar

    i love that he doesnt talk about how the vaccine was made under trump

  18. @getit9066 Avatar

    Twenty one minutes of Fawn Leibowitz lying, "But it's only a comedy show!"

  19. @joeyj6808 Avatar

    The biggest scumbag on the internet gets owned. I love it.

  20. @user-gi3ys4de2l Avatar

    Jon Stewart turned Tucker Carlson to the dark side.

  21. @Polyphemus47 Avatar

    "These people are secretly…………SANE!" Yep. They know they're just playing a part, and they know how to play it to a T.

  22. @prOGamer-ul5zc Avatar

    "when they come for you", lol

  23. @seanverney4475 Avatar

    A great video hope you make more of the same

  24. @yalondahowell9960 Avatar

    It's a shame that everyone was brainwashed by this goon and actually believe the garbage coming out his mouth a major setback for Humanity is Tucker Carlson

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