What are the Wetlands?

Before turning to World Wetlands Day, let us understand what a Wetland is. A part of the landscape that is partially or completely covered by water throughout the year or for the most part of the year is known as Wetlands. Usually, the saturation of water determines the growth of various types of plants in that area in accordance with the development of soil. With the growth of plants and the presence of water, life becomes possible for different animal species. The excess quantity of water promotes the development of aquatic life in this particular region which attracts other animal species to Wetlands as well. Wetlands are found in all regions and continents of the world but Antarctica. The characteristics and animal species of these Wetlands vary according to the environment of that continent. There are multiple types of plant growth in Wetlands that attract insects and other species. Excessive aquatic life is found in Wetlands that falls prey to various animals and hence help in balancing the ecosystem. World Wetlands Day is celebrated to revive their importance in our environment.

When is World Wetlands Day celebrated?

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on February 2 across the globe. It emphasizes the importance of Wetlands and the need to secure them for future generations. The characteristics of Wetlands may vary in accordance with their region but most commonly all of them have a significant value in maintaining the balance in our environment. World Wetlands Day is an opportunity for all the government and private organizations to bring awareness among the people. Many people are unaware of the benefits of Wetlands and role played by them in our ecosystem. The purpose of observing this day is entirely based on the steps we can take to protect our wetlands from the destruction caused by human activities.

Why is World Wetlands Day celebrated?

The purpose of celebrating World Wetlands Day is to bring awareness and convince people in joining hands to secure Wetlands. Wetlands are an equally important part of our land and play a vital role in the development, survival and attracting various kinds of species in search of food and shelter. It provides shelter to the animals and vast grazing fields for the cattle. Wetlands are rich in water content and provide water in the dry seasons of the year to living creatures. The water stored in this land is utilized by human beings as well. Due to the excessive water content throughout the year, Wetlands work in the water purification process. The contaminated or impurities present in the water are trapped by the plants and purifies the water. Prevention of floods is one of the major benefits of Wetlands.

Considering these benefits provided by the Wetlands, it becomes a duty of everyone to take steps in saving Wetlands. This is the only reason why World Wetlands Day is marked as an important day of the year globally and celebrated to understand the threats posed to the Wetlands and ways to tackle these threats. Our individual role is equally important in saving Wetlands as the most profitable and beneficial land on earth. World Wetlands Day is observed with great informative events held by different non-profit organizations to educate people about the benefits we can extract from Wetlands.

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