World Vegetarian Day is an annual day which is celebrated on 1st October every year around the world to bring public attention to the health, environmental benefits, humanitarian benefits and ethics of vegetarian lifestyle.

Who are Vegetarians?

Vegetarian people are those who do not eat meat, egg or any product which are animal related due to their religious concerns, moral or ethical. But in these, there are different types of vegetarians like Ovo-Lacto vegetarians, they eat eggs and milk but do not use or any product of animal-based. Adherents are the most strict vegetarians like as vegans, they do not use or eat any product which is animal related. Another type of vegetarians is raw vegetarians, who eat only raw foods and products which are dehydrated.

History of World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day

In 1977, World Vegetarian Day was established by the North American Vegetarian Society. In 1978 this day endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union to promote to the life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarians, joys of vegetarian and also compassion. This day is a way to encourage all the people around the globe to choose an exclusively plant-based diet. Celebration of World Vegetarian Day aims to educate the people about the health and social advantages of making a move to remove meat from their diets.

What are the advantages of Vegetarians food?

World Vegetarian Day

The Vegetarians diet is the most significantly healthy diet as compared to an animal-based diet. Mainly, it can lose your fat. With this vegetarian diet, you can completely save from cardiovascular disease, which is the significant cause of death in the United States. The vegetarian not only remove animal fat and cholesterol from their diet but they get more fiber and anti-oxidants which is very well-known for their ability to fight cancer. Research is shown that by using a plant-based diet can reduce the chances of heart diabetes, disease, and some kinds of cancer.

How people celebrated this day?

World Vegetarian Day

On World Vegetarian Day man events and activities are held to promote this day. Many organizations and vegetarians group use this day to raises people’s awareness about the vegetarian diet and also to educate the people about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Many food shops and restaurants are giving only vegetarians food on this day. Educational institutes are giving cooking classes to make vegetarian food by using vegetarian ingredients for its students and general people.

Is it a Public Holiday?

World Vegetarian Day is an annual observance and not a public holiday. All businesses and educational institutes are open as usual.