The World Vegan Day is a day of Vegetarian celebrated by Vegan Society annually around the World on 1st November. The Vegan Day First Happened in November 1944 as a commemorating of 50th Anniversary of the UK Vegan Society. This is because of the Vegan Society established in November 1944. Although, the exact date was unknown so the President of the Vegan Society chose the date of 1st November. Louise Wallis established this.

The word Vegan comes from the word Vegetarian which comes from Latin word vegetābilis which means lively or Animating. The Donald Watson, the founder of Vegan Society, put the word Vegan in 1944 against the word Vegetarian who ate dairy products.

Louise Wallis Speech

In 2011 Louise Wallis said, “We knew the Society had been established in November 1944 yet didn’t know the correct date. So I chose to go for 1 November, halfway in light of the fact that I loved the possibility of this date concurring with Samhain/Halloween and the Day of the Dead – customary occasions for devouring and festivity, both adept and propitious.”

Why World Vegan Day Celebrated

World Vegan Day celebrated due to raises awareness about Animals Rights, benefits of Veganism for humans and the natural environment celebrated through activities such as hosting Potlucks, setting up stalls and planting memorial trees. Vegan Day is an opportunity for the Vegan Society to promote the benefits of their diet and Veganism in generally. Some people give baking with thank you card on the streets.

Food of Vegans People

Vegan people refrain from using things that they have made from animals such as eggs, meat, milk, honey, etc. The Vegans don’t eat the animal product, so their diet based on plants. It makes the Vegan’s food high in fiber and low in cholesterol level. The Vegans diet is more helpful and powerful for their health.  Due to low Cholesterol level, high Carbohydrates and fiber (which are found only in plant’s food) they save from many diseases like Heart disease, low Blood Pressure, Cancer and Diabetes.

But some other facts also present in their diet. These are the low level of Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. Due to these facts in plant-based foods, Dietitians and Professional Medical Doctors propose that Vegan people add supplements to their diet.

More about the Vegan Society and Vegan Day

Some Vegan peoples are more strict that they also avoid those people who used any animal product. They don’t visit zoos and aquariums and don’t attend any activities such as animal racing or fighting. World Vegan Day is not a holiday at all. Businesses, Educational Institutions, and Government offices are usually open on that day. Vegan groups and Veganism organize educational drivers to bring attention to the importance of animal rights and kindheartedness to our fellows who are live in this Earth. On the celebrations of Vegan Day, all Restaurants and Café shops provide specials for their customers and give more discounts too. Every Year there a lot of Festivals and Events are held at worldwide in Vegan Society.

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