World Population Day is a yearly event which is held on 11th July every year by the United Nations to raises awareness about the global population issues and human rights for family planning. The World Population Day is first celebrated in 1989 by the United Nations, and then it is celebrated every year to encourage events, activities and spread information about population-related issues.

History of World Population Day

World Population Day

Governing Council of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) was first celebrated the World Population Day in 1989. This day was recognized by the interest of the people on “Five Billion Day” of 11th July 1987, when the world’s population reached about to five billion. The aims of World Population Day is to increases the people’s awareness about various population issues like gender equality, the importance of family planning, human rights, maternal health, and poverty. From the creation of the World Population Day, the United Nations Development Program has been working on anticipate, support and official needs of the increasing population.

In the year 2011, the world population is reached around to 7 billion, and it is a big challenge for the development associations. With the increase of population, the issues of the population are also increasing. For this, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program developed World Population Day to meet the necessity of the increasing population and to enhance people’s awareness about the world’s common community and to find out the solution of the critical population issues.

Aims of World Population Day

World Population Day

The aim of created World Population Day by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program is to pay attention to the increasing health problems of the world’s community and with this, the deaths of the pregnant women around the world. Around 800 women are dying daily in the process of giving birth to a baby.

Some of the great purposes of celebrating the world population day are discussed below:

  • This day is celebrated to keep safe and empowers the youth of both genders like girls and boys.
  • To educate the people to remove the gender categorize from society.
  • To educate the people and to raises the public’s awareness about the pregnancy-related diseases and the dangers of early childbirth.
  • To educate the people about STD (sexually transmitted diseases) to keep far from various infections.
  • To make sure about the approach to give equal primary education to both girls and boys.
  • To demand some important laws and policies implemented to protect girl child rights.
  • To educate youths to keep away from unwanted pregnancies by using sensible and youth-friendly measures.
  • To make sure the easy access to genital health services everywhere as part of the underlying primary health for each couple.

World Population Day Themes

World Population Day

Every year the United Nations has a specific World Population Day Theme, and every year the encourage activities and events are organized according to their year’s World Population Day Theme. The last ten years of World Population Day Theme are listed below:

World Population Day Theme of 2018: Family Planning is a Human Right.

World Population Day Theme of 2017: Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations.

World Population Day Theme of 2016: Investing in teenage girls.

World Population Day Theme of 2015: Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies.

World Population Day Theme of 2014: A time to reflect on population trends and related issues and Investing in Young People.

World Population Day Theme of 2013: The focus on Adolescent Pregnancy.

World Population Day Theme of 2012: Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services.

World Population Day Theme of 2011: 7 Billion Actions.

World Population Day Theme of 2010: Be Counted: Say What You Need.

World Population Day Theme of 2009: Fight Poverty and Educate Girls.

How People Celebrated?

World Population Day

The World Population Day is celebrated around the world by the organizations, business groups and by individuals by organizing many activities and events. In these activities includes educational seminars, informative discussion sessions, essay competitions, public contests on various topics of this day, artworks, slogans, message distribution workshops and in educational institutes giving lectures of this day theme. People participate in these activities to raises awareness about critical issues like family planning, gender equality, poverty, and human rights. With the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) health governments and non-governmental organizations, institutions, and individuals organizing various informative activities to celebrate the World Population Day. Various programs, news channels, radio, and this day related websites also promote this day.

Is it a Public Holiday?

The United Nations World Population Day is an annual observance and not a public holiday.

By this great celebration of World Population Day awareness, people are encouraged to take part in various events and activities to know about the issues of the population such as family planning, poverty, maternal, baby health, human rights, rights to health, sexuality education. However, people all around the world ought to use Safety Measures like reproductive health, girl child education, child marriage, adolescent pregnancy, and many others.

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