World Day for International Justice is a global observance which is celebrated on 17th July every year throughout the world to realize the emerging system of international criminal justice. It is also known as International Criminal Justice Day or International Justice Day.

History of World Day for International Justice

World Day for International Justice

On 17th July World Day for International Justice is celebrated every year. This date was chosen because this day is the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute in 1998. It is the treaty that created the International Criminal Court (ICC). In the Review Conference of the Rome Statute which was held in Kampala (Uganda) on 1 June 2010, the Assembly of the State Parties is decided to celebrate the International Criminal Justice Day on 17 July. This day is an instant to mention some of the positive steps toward responsibility which is brought about by the ICC and other justice mechanisms on a difficult international landscape.

What is the International Criminal Court (ICC)?

World Day for International Justice

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the only permanent Criminal Court which holds crimes against humanity accountable, war crimes, and perpetrators of genocide. International Criminal Court (ICC) came into being when 120 states adopted a statute in Rome. This statue is known as the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. All the countries who are agreed to espouse the statute were also accepting the authority of the ICC, with concerns to the prosecution of serious crimes. The ICC does not replace national courts. It is only available to intercede when a country can’t or won’t carry out investigations and prosecute perpetrators. However, the ICC faces major roadblocks.

How People celebrated International Justice Day?

World Day for International Justice

Every year around the world, people usually organized many events on this day to promote International Justice Day and especially do support for the International Criminal Court. Newspapers, news channels, and radio are also promoting this day. The websites of World Day for International Justice has also shared articles of victims right which is made united the people. World Day for International Justice has been successful in attracting international news attention and many group organizations to pay attention to particular issues like as severe crimes of violence against women, genocide and many more.

What’s the Aim of International Criminal Justice Day?

The aim of International Criminal Justice Day is to make people united for support of justice and as well as to promote victim rights. This day also attracts people from all around the world to pay attention to many serious issues. This day also helps people to protect from many crimes and also help those who have put the peace, security, and well-being of the world at risk.

World Day for International Justice

Is it a Public Holiday?

The World Day for International Justice or International Justice Day is an annual observance and not a public holiday. Public life is not affected by this.