Why is World Cancer Day observed?

World Cancer Day, observed every year on February 4 to provide an opportunity for the entire world to unite and fight against this common deadly disease that kills millions of people every year. The observance of this day was declared in the first World Summit against Cancer in 2000. This is a great initiative to bring the world on a single platform to fight and develop certain strategies against Cancer.

Importance of World Cancer Day:

Cancer is the most leading cause of deaths around the world every year. Around 8 million people die of cancer annually which is an alarming number for the world. The importance of bringing awareness of the disease comes with the number of casualties it causes. On this great initiative to observe World Cancer Day, there is a need to develop skills and strategies to fight against cancer to reduce the death ratio. It is an opportunity to bring awareness and spread the word on a larger scale to help fight against cancer. Cancer, if diagnosed at an early stage can be cured but in most cases, if you don’t get your medical checkup in routine, has the maximum chances of getting diagnosed at later stages when death is certain.

Causes of Cancer:

Discovering what causes cancer on World Cancer Day, there are various common causes of cancer that include smoking, lack of physical activity, improper diet, exposure to sun radiations and other viruses affecting human bodies. However, cancer can be caused by other rare factors too. Tobacco has been considered as the major reason for cancerous diseases around the world. It affects the lungs, mouth, pancreas, and kidneys to a great extent. Intake of unhygienic food could also lead your body to develop different types of bacteria that can cause cancer. World Cancer Day is an occasion when we can realize the fact that a huge number of people lose their lives in battle with cancer every year and the steps we need to take to prevent this fatal disease spreading in people. An active body is a symbol of healthiness and only a healthy body can fight against various bacteria attacking the body. Spreading the causes of cancer on international and social media can proactively bring awareness and help people take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Prevention of Cancer:

World Cancer Day allows us to understand and find ways to prevent cancer. It is very commonly and wisely quoted as, “Prevention is better than cure”. It’s always better to prevent a disease rather than curing it for a longer period of time. To prevent a deadly disease like cancer, there is a need to understand what causes cancer to accumulate in our body. As discussed earlier, there are various causes of cancer and one can save himself by preventing from a few unhealthy activities and tobacco intake. It is highly advised by the doctors to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating an appropriate amount of hygienic food at proper hours of the day. Exposing your body to sunlight at high temperatures is not recommended as it can damage the skin and can lead to cancerous disease. To prevent cancer, it is very important to educate people about various causes that lead to cancer. Education can certainly lead people to understand the causes and learning more over the internet about the disease and ways to prevent it. There are different programs organized on World Cancer Day to educate people and bring awareness about cancer and its causes.


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