Why we celebrate Christmas Day?

Christmas Day celebrations

We celebrate Christmas Day because it is the celebrations of the birth of “Jesus Christ,” of which the exact date is not known, who is in the Christian religion, and they also called it “The Son of God.”

Although there are many explanations, the traditional narrative behind Christmas day celebrations is that Jesus’ parents, Joseph and Mary, when they arrived at the city of Bethlehem, they had no place to live. They were confined to lives in an inn, which is where Jesus was born. This traditional narrative is known as “The Nativity of Jesus.”

How we celebrate Christmas Day?

Christmas Day celebrations

Christmas is one of the most important and as well as the famous festival of the world, which is celebrated on 25 December annually. Many celebrations are taking place in more than 160 countries to celebrate Christmas Day.

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas Day. Every country celebrated this day in their way, but the Christmas spirit is universal in nature. There are many celebrations are taking place on Christmas Day, in these celebrations include spending time with the family, shopping for kids, friends, and relatives, decorating the whole house with lights and many other Christmas things. People also arrange parties and feast on this day. The celebration of Christmas includes:

The Christmas Tree

Christmas Day celebrations

From the 17th century, the use of the Christmas tree began, in Strasbourg, France, spreading from there through Germany and then into northern Europe. The Christmas tree is the greatest joy for children. People have Christmas tree in their houses on the occasion of Christmas day. Everyone in the family helps in decorating the Christmas tree. They use colored egg shells, stirring lights, different colored ribbons, stars, beads, flowers, apples, fir or pine cones and others thing they like to decorate it. Christmas tree is a symbol of the Christmas season. Because they stayed green and alive while others plants are appeared dead.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Day celebrations

At Christmas time, houses, stores, malls, streets, and parking sites are decorated to celebrate this fantastic time filled with joys and happiness. They usually used Christmas tree, stirring lights, tinsel, candles, stars and many other things like that to decorate their places. The celebration for Christmas day is started before a week ago. Centuries ago, Romans decorated their homes and public buildings on festive occasions, and we also follow this old custom.

Christmas Eve celebrations

Christmas Day celebrations

The first day of celebrations is Christmas Eve. It is celebrated on 24th December every year according to the Gregorian calendar before Christmas Day. The celebration of Christmas Eve is started in the evening of this day. The Christmas-tree is manifested in its fame of this day.  Christmas Eve is the day of reunification for families. To mark the beginning of Christmas Day, many Christians traditionally celebrate a Midnight mass on Christmas Eve. People hold Candlelight in Churches which is typically held earlier in the evening. It is also seen at that night when Santa Claus and his alternatives giving gifts to children.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Day celebrations

Christmas Day itself the big gift that brings the message of happiness and peace for nations worldwide.  Every country has its way to celebrate the Christmas but exchanging of gifts and sweets is unique everywhere. On this day the tradition of exchange of gift is the most important custom. It is the best way to celebrate Christmas Day that makes every moment memorable. Some people especially make gifts at home for their dear ones. It shows the love for them and inspires them. Exchanging a gift with the loving person is a most delightful moment of the Christmas season.

Christmas Songs and Poems

Christmas Day celebrations

Christmas Songs and poems stand as one of the essential pillars of holiday music, and to celebrate Christmas day. The vast collection of Christmas songs fall many lovers in love with the Christmas music. Everybody sing these songs, and it captures the warmth of the Christmas season like no other. Christmas Poems are the sentiment on the joyous occasion, and the idea behind these poems is to make you realize the beauty of the Christmas festival and its real meaning.

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