Introduction, This article is about what to do on Christmas day, what to do on Christmas day & what I can do if I am feeling bored on Christmas day.

Best things to do on Christmas day

Every year on the 25th December we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, this day is known as Christmas Day. It is a special time for family. Many people living in different towns, cities or even countries will make the journey back home to spend the festive season with their family. Has anyone ever told you I am feeling bored on Christmas day?

The Christmas season brings happiness and fun. The Christmas gifts symbolize love, affection, peace, harmony, and fraternity. Christmas gifts are innovative and add zest to a person’s life. The Christmas gift ideas are so fantastic that you can either treat yourself or amuse any person. And also show you the easy and rewarding way to keep the special moments alive forever. It is also a collection of unusual gifts that instantly mesmerize recipient. Always avoid the words I am feeling bored on Christmas day.

Many parents are looking for what to do on Christmas day with their kids. This is because while presents come and go, the time that they spend with spouses and children is irreplaceable. This value will likely come to the forefront of the Holidays with people focusing less on what they can buy but more on those near and dear to them.


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What to do on Christmas day

1. One best things to do on Christmas day is to get wasted on Christmas Eve because then it is easier to sleep through the excitement. Xmas Eve is always a better night out than New Year’s Eve.

2. Munch on the mince pies all holiday. Mince pies for breakfast, mince pies for lunch, mince pies for dinner.

3. Always put your father’s Christmas gift in a huge box weighted down by some rocks, that way he’ll be excited about getting a huge present, only to open it and find a few socks and ties. Always goes down well.

4. When wrapping a present for your brother, wrap half a roll of sticky tape around the outside of the wrapping paper is another best things to do on Christmas day. It will take forever for them to undo.

5. During Christmas lunch, fill up the plate so no more will fit on, it will make your mom, who has spent all morning preparing the food, jubilant.

6. Always take the mickey out of your grandma’s northern accent!

7. When out in the evenings during the holidays, be sure to compliment the ladies who wear Santa costumes, you might just get a little gift from them. Likewise for women.

8. Get up stupidly early on the 25th to watch the cartoons, even if you are terribly hungover.

9. Your diet should consist of chocolate, nuts, sweets, alcohol, watching football, lame Christmas comedy specials, and plenty of films.

10. Last, on best things to do on Christmas day, pray that it will snow on Christmas day. Know what to do on Christmas day today.

To reduce your stress this Christmas here are simple top tips so you can enjoy a relaxing fun-filled festive season this year.


Set a budget you can afford – and stick to it. Write down your plans – for guests, menus, presents, shopping, and the day. Check the quantity of crockery, cutlery, furniture, etc. needed – borrow it from guests, family or friends.

Send invitations

Invite those you’d like to be there. Make sure they tell you by a certain date whether or not they can come. Check any dietary requirements.


Work out and write down the time you need for each part of the day. Decide the time you want to start the Christmas meal and work backward from that, noting down what needs to be done and how long each will take. Plan in some extra time (and nibbles.) – things can take longer than anticipated.

Ask for help

Let all your guests help – they’ll usually be happy to, and it will ease the load. Be creative and match your requests with your guests’ strengths and interests, e.g. making and icing a cake, organizing games, keeping the children entertained, washing up, or just bringing an item of food or drink.

Remember you

Get some good sleep in the run up to Christmas and find at least some time for you to relax – have a long bath, read a good book, visit a friend. Plan to get all the jobs you can out of the way before Christmas Eve, such as wrapping and delivering presents, so you stay relaxed. Avoid the words I am feeling bored on Christmas day.

Prepare in advance

Set the table, complete with crockery, cutlery, decorations, the day before. Prepare as much food and drink as you can the previous evening e.g. vegetables peeled and sliced, the main dish ready for cooking sauces prepared. Don’t be the way I am feeling bored on Christmas day sometimes. Understand all that to do on Christmas day.

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