January 21st is considered as the national hug day, and this is surely happy hug day for people because Americans from all over the United States celebrates this day with enthusiasm and with great joy. They all participate in social activities and this day provides them with a chance for social interaction, share love and happiness. Due to this reason, January 21st is also considered as the happy hug day because it brings happiness on every face of people and makes this day memorable with their loved ones. Because when people do hug each other they feel internal feelings and love and it helps them to express themselves in a better way. In the result of giving a hug to each other makes them feel happy and they can feel so impressive from each other, and it is a chance for them to share the inner feeling.

Following are the reasons which make hug day as happy hug day:

Expression of feelings makes a happy hug day:

When the hug day comes then people all around the United States, makes harmony and makes this day as a cheerful day. On that day they make things great and try to sort out all the matters too. And when they feel some load on themselves but they do not find any of the events to share their internal feelings then hug day is a good chance provider for them. Hug day gives them a chance to makes them happy, and by the arrival of hug day, they can easily forget their issues, and they can celebrate it with full of joy and raises awareness what is necessary for them. They can hug each other’s which results to make the things better. This makes hug day as happy hug day for sure.

If anyone who got angry due to some reasons or if two persons are not talking due to any mutual dispute then hug day is the best solution for them. And on the hug day, they can easily hug each other’s which will make their moments cheerful and they will be happy. Thus in that way, this day can be proven as to be the happy hug day.

So for the expression of feelings, this day is no less than a happy hug day. As this day illuminates the righteous and best feelings inside someone and can turn their gloominess into happiness so, all of this points out the real presence of this day.

How is this happy hug day for parents?

happy hug day

When matter is referred to some of the kids who are younger, and some of the kids who have grown up now and they are far away from their parents. As some of the children when they have grown up and now due to the busy schedule and tough life they have no time for their families. Or especially when all the adults who are working now and the persons who live away from their parents but don’t have time to see their parents. When such people will find out the hug day and by this to fulfill the purpose of this day, they will run to their parents. This will make the moments of parents and kids both as the happiest ever moments, which results in the internal satisfaction and will make this day as happy hug day.

Happy hug day for kids:

happy hug day

With the growing inflation rate and the problems in life when we have made high wishes, so someone is needed to fulfill that wishes too. All of those parents who are living away by their kids and are working to make the future of their kids as great will also find hug day as a gift from the Lord. All the parents who are not with their kids due to any reason and due to the busy schedule of life cannot give them the proper time. So at the arrival of hug day, they will certainly do something great for their kids, and this will give their kids happiness for sure. For them, hug day would be no less than a happy hug day, and they will find out joy for certain.

Happy hug day for friends:

happy hug day

Due to the rise and fall in life and due to the routine matters of life friends can also fight with each other. Sometimes due to a third person, two friends can fight, and they can exchange hot words for sure. Or due to any misunderstanding two friends can fight when one of them is innocent, and another one is not listening to him/her due to anger. And the days afterward will show the one who was angry that moment about the real reason and the misunderstanding would be wiped away. So at that moment to remove the embarrassment and to make the acceptance of one’s fault, hug day can play a crucial role. So for the friends’ hug day will be proved as one of the gift and as a treasure of happiness. They will find this day as happy hug day.

Happy hug day for students:

Students of any society or any department are most important one concern of any country. Making students right and feeling them right is the duty of every teacher. This is the responsibility of every teacher that he/she has to make a mutual collaboration with their students. Teachers should develop a sense of deep understanding with their students so that they can find their teachers as associative and they give them moral support as well.

When a teacher makes his/her student well then, the students will feel so great, and this will create a sense of excellence in them. So teachers who give their students hug are working rightly, and their students got high scores as well. This has also been proven by some researchers that the students who got hugs from their teachers have observed as the real champ. This is the duty of teachers to give a hug to their students if they are expecting high from them. This will make hug day as happy hug day for both the teacher and for the student too.

So by all perceptions and by all sides, this can be proved that hug day is really happy hug day for those who keep care this in the righteous direction. And this can be a day of joyful and mutual interaction for all those who are hesitating by expressing their internal feelings. Don’t be hesitate from your words just give them a hug and make their day as happy hug day.

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