International Day of Women takes place annually on 8 March to celebrate the achievements of women around the globe. It started with a protest that happened in New York City in 1909 where women went out to the streets to demand the legal right to vote, shorter work hours and much better pay. Today it’s a global event which is supported by a lot of charities, NGOs, governments as well as educational institutions. In some countries, March 8th is an official holiday as International Day Of Women, and in other countries, it’s the official holiday only for the women.

What is International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day:

Nowadays it may appear that ladies have all the same possibilities as men. In the news, you will see women astronauts, women prime ministers and women leaders in business. However, if you check out statistics, you realize there’s still a long way to go. The BBC did a report a few years ago that showed that in the UK women occupied just 30.9% of the most senior positions throughout a range of jobs in areas just like politics, business, and police. Therefore, although progress has been made since 1908, there’s still a lot to do before we see some people in the top jobs as well as receiving equal pay.

International Woman’s Day – Think globally and act locally:

The message for women all over the world is to ‘think globally and act locally.’ Emma Watson, the actress who performed Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, is a superb example of somebody who is doing something to raise awareness regarding the issues that women deal with globally. The objective is to create a ‘gender-equal world.’ The HeForShe campaign makes it clear that it’s the role of men and also women to make changes in all areas of the lives, both at work and in the family, to help to make this achievable.

How do we increase worldwide gender parity?

This is the complicated question that international aid organizations and national advocates alike spend lots of time on it. Specific solutions will be different from the problem to the problem as well as region to region.

However, the answers boil down to money, power, and will.

Investing more in international aid fond of girls and women can help them rise out of poverty and bring their loved ones and communities up with them.

Spending much more on social safety net programs like paid family leave as well as universal childcare helps women take part more equally in the workforce, and spares them the impossible choice in between making a living and looking after their family.

Helping women gain political power might help empower other girls and women, and help make sure that women’s issues get priority in policymaking.

However, it takes political will to change how money, as well as power, are distributed and political will is usually held hostage by individuals who currently have money and power. In the past, women were not considered to be good. That is why International Women’s Day came to exist, and it’s still celebrated today.

How to Celebrate International Womans Day?

International Day Women is not only about giving a flower to a woman you appreciate and telling her she is great. This day, March 8, is a sign of the struggles that ladies all over the world have undergone to gain equality and rights along with a reminder of how far there is still to go. Thankfully, there’s something that you can do to help a womans day celebration.

Find out the history of International Womans Day. This celebrates the achievements (usually overlooked) of women and also recognizing their accomplishments and the struggles that they have gone through. It was a part of the labor movements which began in the 1900s in America as well as Europe.

The 1st International Womans Day was celebrated in 1909 to honor the 1908 garment women’s strike in New York. The women were protesting their terrible working circumstances.

Find out about women’s struggle for equality all over the world on International Day Women. Women aren’t just regularly overlooked, but they’re put through harassment, assault, violence as well as the disparity in wages according to their gender.

A U.N report discovered that women are discriminated against in almost every country on the planet. They found that seventy percent of the poor are women and that women own about 1% of the world’s entitled property. Recognizing what ladies have to undergo an increasing awareness about that can result in change.

One out of three women is a victim of sexual or even physical violence, and the most rapes are either never reported, or the rapist gets off with virtually no punishment. It becomes a whole lot worse for women of color, who’ve disproportionately victims of sexual violence, generally at the hand of white males.

International Day Women:

Even in the U.S. (supposedly, therefore, fair and balanced) women and men are far from equal in the law as well as in the eyes of society. For instance, among year-round, full-time workers women had been paid 77% of what men were paid which disparity deepens along with race and with age.  Also, women are less inclined to be employed even if they have the same qualifications as male candidate.

Donate to some local women’s shelter. It could be everything of your donation from money to clothing or food. Assisting a local women’s shelter, particularly a battered women’s shelter, helps you to remind you regarding the difficulties women continue to face, and also doing your part to assist some of that on International Day Of Women.