International Street Children’s Day, on a global platform, is observed on 31st January of every year with an aim to bring about awareness among the masses for the welfare of street children.  Every human being has the basic rights of living, of which these street children are deprived of. One must bring the realization of these basic human rights for the sake of better living of these street children.

What is the meaning of “Street Children”?

All poor and homeless children under the age of 18 living and surviving in the streets are known as “Street Children”. They are forced to live on the streets for one or the other reason. These children are deprived of the basic necessities of life; wandering in the streets to find a living. The level of hardships faced by them can vary from one child to the other. International Street Children’s Day is an opportunity to bring awareness among the people to educate children and fight for their rights.

Major Causes of Street Children:

Out of all the reasons why these children are forced into the streets, a few are common among all of them. Poverty and lack of education are the foremost and most prominent causes of their presence in the streets. Right to live and the right to education are the basic necessities of life. However, these street children are deprived of both of them. It leads to all the problems they face at a very early age.


Problems faced by Street Children:

International Street Children’s Day is an occasion where we can figure out the problems faced by street children. With the lacking necessities of life, street children are forced into working to earn a living for themselves. Most of the time, they find themselves trapped somewhere. People involved in illegal activities offer them a handsome amount to accompany them. And here begins the process of spoiling their mental as well as future growth. Street children get themselves involved in such fraudulent activities at a very early age. These activities soon become habits and there is nobody to educate or teach them to differentiate good or bad!


How can we save Street children?

This is where the significance of International Street Children’s Day comes into play. On January 31, we have an opportunity to bring awareness about the basic rights of street children. We need to bring about change to the current prevailing situation. It’s a point of concern for all humanity to raise their voice against it. We need to get these street children properly educated to improve the standard of their lives. Right to education must be made compulsory in all regions of the world so that no children are left behind. Creating better job opportunities can lead us to a better living decreasing the number of street children being forced into the streets by their parents due to poverty.

The need of the hour on International Street Children’s Day is to play our own role in this current situation and try to make this world a better place for everyone. A collective effort to hold a seminar to bring awareness of basic rights of street children among people could be one step forward. There must be some organizations to educate these poor children in the best possible manner. There are a number of ways we can work on to save these “Street Children” by ruining their lives in the streets. Let’s set a resolution to work on this critical matter of our society together for the betterment of humanity.

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