Background of International Day of Forests:

On November 28, 2012, a resolution was passed in the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate the “International Day of Forests” on March 21. International day of forests allows us to understand the importance of trees and plants in our environment and raise awareness to save nature. Celebrating the International Day of Forests means the arrangement of different tree plantation campaigns to create awareness on national and international platform regarding the importance of forests on earth. For a bright future for next generations, it’s required to save forests and plant more trees to fight against the climatic changes our earth is facing at the moment. United Nations Forum on Forests plays an active role in organizing various events related to the plantation campaign around the world. International Day of Forests was first observed on March 21, 2013. According to a research, out of 30% of the forest covered land on earth; 32 million acres of forests are lost every year which also directly affects several species of animals and plants living on the earth. For the most part of the recent years, the world has underestimated the importance of forests that help in reducing a major part of carbon emissions in the environment.

The significance of the International Day of Forests:

As earlier mentioned, forests have significant importance in maintaining the temperature on earth, removing carbon emissions, supplying oxygen, maintaining the ecosystem, providing food and shelter, maintaining biodiversity and fighting against the pollution that is increasing day by day. International Day of Forests allows us to realize the serious threat to our planet earth in terms of rising temperature due to global warming. With the urbanization and industrialization, the world has experienced a significant loss of trees. A number of forests have been cleared for the construction of industries and expanding the urban areas. No doubt, the modern day technology has provided us with a number of facilities but ignoring the role of forests on their account would result in a drastic situation. Urbanization has definitely accommodated a large number of people who migrate to the cities for better opportunities of earning. But we cannot forget the fact that it cost us forests in return.

Forests are considered the lungs of the atmosphere. Without forests, life would not be possible because climatic changes will take over making the earth an unbearable place to live in terms of high temperature. The smoke and chemicals in the shape of gas emissions from the factories are continuously posing a serious threat to the ozone layer. On this International Day of Forests, we need to raise awareness of planting more trees to fight the damage to the ozone layer. Forests absorb the carbon content from these gas emissions hence making the environment clean enough to breathe. The damage to the ozone layer means a rise in global warming. Global warming is caused due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun directly hitting the earth due to the damaged protection of the ozone layer. Trees produce oxygen and supply to the environment which helps a large number of species of animals to survive. International Day of Forests provides us an opportunity to realize the fact that forests are the backbone of our atmosphere and we should take the necessary steps to save it from complete destruction. At the moment, a large of forest cover is damaged due to natural disasters and human negligence.

Deforestation occurs when forests are damaged either due to some natural disaster or negligence by human beings. The role of human beings in the destruction of forests is unbelievably higher than expected. Most of the fire in forests is initiated by a human error or negligence. The forests fire result in destroying a large area of forests hence making it very difficult to recover. On International Day of Forests, we need to contribute to the campaigns that help in growing new trees in the place of the ones being damaged. It has become very important to take the necessary steps in reforestation for the revival of old forests. Moreover, there are various tree plantation campaigns on International Day of Forests that support the afforestation process around the globe to help grow more trees and developing new forests. To sustain wildlife and protect the extinct species of animals, we need to work for the restoration of destroyed forests. These animals are forced to leave the forests and find a new place when their homes are destroyed and don’t get enough supplies of food and water. There are various non-profit organizations that work actively in the plantation of new trees and International Day of Forests is a huge platform to bring awareness among the common people to rise to the occasion and play their part in the betterment of the world.

Forests don’t only protect our atmosphere from pollution but also plays a vital role in the protection of soil from erosion. The roots of the trees hold the soil together with strong support which saves us from land sliding at hilly areas. Soil erosion damages the land as well as various numbers of plants. International Day of Forests observed on 21st March every year allows us to find ways and dedicate our efforts in saving the trees and planting more of them for making this earth a better place to live. The damage to forests has become a global issue and the world needs to unite on this matter to find a solution to save trees. Out of our busy routines, we can dedicate “International Day of Forests” to the trees and join some organization for volunteer work in planting trees and raising voice for saving trees. There is a need for education and awareness in many parts of the world to ensure any further loss of trees. People who are uneducated tend to cut trees to extract the wood for cooking food. The government needs to ensure proper facilities are provided in these backward areas where people themselves have become a serious threat to forests. A large number of forests are turned into a mere clear land by these people living around forests. The concerned authorities need to wake up and stop the people from these illegal logging processes.

Plantation on International Day of Forests:

Every one of us shall promise that on International Day of Forests, we will plant a tree at least as a contribution to nature. If we are capable enough to support any tree plantation campaigns financially, we should not hold ourselves back in this noble cause that would save the planet eventually. Planting trees are the best investment as far as saving nature and achieving better living atmosphere is concerned. International Day of Forests provides a global platform for all the people around the world to understand the threats faced by the forests and how can we prevent them from destruction. Although, the restoration process of forests is not an easy job at all we should look to find ways to slowly recover from the loss we have faced in many decades. To keep the environment clean and green, the plantation is the main source of providing the right atmosphere for this purpose. The people living in urban areas have a huge responsibility to plant trees around their homes. The green belts and roundabouts can be planted with trees that would help in minimizing the effect of the emissions from various combustion engine vehicles. Instead of making tough pave around the city, there must be green fields wherever possible for plantation purpose. The temperature in urban areas would also decrease to a great extent and people will be able to breathe in a healthy environment.

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