Do you know what day is national hug day?  21st January is practiced by people who celebrate this day as national hug day. This day is considered among the most harmony creating days as the cheerful moments and joyful incidents do happen at this day. This day brings a smile on the faces for those who are in the depressive moments of life and are chasing for happiness. So what day is national hug day? Can be answered so simply as the day of cheerful moments.

what day is national hug day

When was national hug day originated?

If we want to find the occurrence of national hug day, then we meet with the story of a young man Kevin Zaborney. He is credited to this day and the first time this day was celebrated on 23rd September 1986. Since then this day is celebrated annually, but the date has been changed to 21st January. The reason which compels for this new date of January is illustrated as follows:

  1. This day will not let the people forget the joyful moments of Christmas and have another gift in the form of national hug day.
  2. This date coincides with the winter vacation, and then people can find out this day so lovely.
  3. This day is also considered as the practice of Valentine as for those who cannot wait for Valentine can depict their feelings at National Hug day.

Overall national hug day can be termed as the day of joyful moments and freedom of expressions day. So what day is national hug day? Can be answered by the manners of expressional display.

What day is national hug day

How much national hug day is beneficial for us?

If somebody is looking for what day is national hug day? Then people can come to the time of joyful incidents which can happen at national hug day. Benefits of national hug day are being illustrated as follows:

  1. Students who receive hugs are usually more active in class than those who don’t. Some of the courteous teachers who hug to the students can get the better results as those who don’t follow this practice.
  2. Babies who are hugged by their parents are likely to have much development as they find the cortisol levels growth too. Because when parents hug to their kids then the mandatory level of cortisol improved as a resultant. So this helps the babies to grow in more oriented
  3. Even scientist of California University, Berkeley campus has assessed some of the unique They have found that those teams who are more courteous and caring each other find many options to win the games than those teams where players are separated. So the hugs play an important role for players to win the game.

So what day is national hug day? Can find out as an essential term for your life. No matter what you are and what stream of life you are going through, if there would be an element of hug then definitely you will conquer the world. You can be best in your era of concern by passing and receiving a hug. What day is national hug day? Are you waiting for that?

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