Who will win US Senate election 2016? This is a big question on everyone’s mind.  The US election 2016 predictions are made in detail and who won the election 2016 is pretty exciting. The republics with last times winning team still has a lead of 54 seats while the Democrats are struggling in the game.

Who will win us election 2016?

The increasing voting and maximum coverage to the event taking place on November 8, 2016, has created a whisper of who won the election 2016 everywhere but the point on what grounds can one make the predictions.  The majority of the Democrats are seen to be making their way into the Senate but still there are some places where in spite of severe democratic voting, the hold is still not high.  On the contrary, the Republic seems sure as to who will win us election 2016. The Republicans have a firm ground on their lands and have been able to make sure that they are called as the one who won the election 2016.

US election 2016 prediction & geographical analysis

The geographical analysis of the major states of America confirms who will win us election 2016. But at the same time if the Democrats can get the edge of 4 seats then there can be an interesting twist. The state of Alabama has Richard Shelby’s lead against the Democrat Ronald Crumpton, and there is a firm hold of the Republic party in Alabama. Not just in the Senate election 2016 predictions, but there are chances of presidential winning of the Republicans in Alabama as well.  John McCain as usual maintaining a firm hold in Arizona can defeat Ann Kirk Patrick. The voting difference seems to be enormous as the US election 2016 predictions say that the Republicans have a stronghold in Arizona. In California, US election prediction 2016 where Hillary is getting a vast majority of presidential voting, there is moderate hold on Senate level; therefore, California seems to have a decisive opinion about the Democrat.

In Florida, who will win US election 2016? Mark Rubio appears to be holding it a little less but still able to maintain a majority of Republicans. And similarly in Georgia, Johnny seems to be keeping majority but feeble in comparison with their representative Trump who according to US Senate election 2016 predictions have been able to win Georgia with a good deal. However, still in big states like Colorado, Connecticut, Oregon, there has been a good deal of predictions of who will win US election 2016.  The Democrats have held in these states and have a very firm control.

While discussing the US Senate election 2016 predictions, it is to mention that in comparison with the last time results, the Democrats seem to be growing their seats in the Senate. There is a confirming increment of 3 seats of Democrats increased. So the countdown increasing from 44 to 47 which is added ups to the point that who won the election 2016. This is obviously not the correct verdict, but one can cheer up for team democrat. US Senate election 2016 predictions are going to be tricky this year.

Trump between US Senate election 2016 predictions

The Republicans on the other side, inspite of having the majority in Senate already from last time elections have lost 3 seats decreasing their number from 54 to 51 which brings it very much close to the Democrat. The US election 2016 predictions become uncertain. The decreasing Senate number can be prediction back to the trumps harsh opinions and criticisms openly to the public. Well, this is what happens when a reality show comes to live. Maybe Trump should predict himself as to who will win US election 2016. A million dollar tip indeed.

Who won the election 2016? hectic & funny situation

Seeing from these sides, the situation of US election 2016 predictions seems very much hectic and fun as well. The public is living each and every moment of it, and hence they are still to decide till November 2016. Republicans or Democrats, to predict who will win US election 2016 are exaggerating to a great deal. The twists and shifts are sudden and unpredictable, and so are the results. Therefore making a final prediction is not wise. The real beauty of who won the election 2016 lies in the promotional campaign and the declarative speeches are creating the real hype amongst voters.

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