The news spread like the fire through the TV news and the social media of the winning of Trump in the presidential election in the USA. The United States presidential election, 2016 is being discussed nowadays. Every news channel and TV channel is now focusing on the news of the elections in the USA. As everyone knows that the people didn’t like much the policies of the previous president Obama. How they could like the policies of his follower Hillary. The USA public announced that they hated Hillary because they didn’t like the family politics and they could not let the Hillary be their next president. So they casted their vote to Mr. Trump and he got the victory. The results were amazing ones as the more public took interest in casting their votes. A number of people were awaiting their turn to cast their vote to Mr. Trump as Mr. Trump was the most famous candidate for the USA presidential election, 2016 and made attractive speeches.

Trump is an anti-Islamic person:

Trump was an anti-Islamic person who was taking part in the US presidential election, 2016. These elections were the historical election in the history of the US. It is hoped that the reason of the winning of Trump was that he was an anti-Islamic person all time. Perhaps, the people liked him because of his that habit. He never liked the Islam and the Muslims. He got the victory as he was being supported by the men. The mostly females are supporting Hillary as she was their favorite politicians. It was also noticed that maximum of the females didn’t cast their vote in favor of Mr. Donald Trump, and most of the men didn’t cast their vote for Hillary that was the cause to Hillary’s losing.


Hillary was one of the most critical followers of Obama.

Some news channels stated that the USA public didn’t like the Obama’s policies so as of his cruel rule. Hillary was one of the most critical followers of Obama. The USA public has now announced their next president through their voting. Now the whole world is awaiting the policies which will be prepared by Trump, the next president of the USA. Mr. Trump was leading the Republican Party for many years. It was hoped that Trump would get the less victory than Hillary but it was amazing thing that Hillary defeated in US presidential election, 2016.

What policies, Mr. Trump declared?

Mr. Trump declared the policies that the USA would be a great country again durng his rule. He would end up all the frustrations from the USA public. Trump also declared that he would make the plans for the USA to become prominent country again. He claimed that he didn’t like family politics and liked the development of the country. He would also take the decisions in the favor of the world.

The US media declares Trump as their 45th president

It was because of the blessing of media that we got the minute details form the presidential election, 2016. The US media and news channels have now declared Mr. Trump as their next president in the United States Presidential election, 2016. The USA media reported that Trump got 276 electoral votes and there was the need of 270 electoral votes to win the presidential election. Hillary Clinton could not get more than 218 electoral votes. 270 was the number to reach to the goal for the presidential election, 2016. Media also stated that the USA public likes the Republican Party for their system. They hated Hillary as for her democratic country system.

Republicans wins the US Senate

Mr. Donald Trump’s Republican Party won the US senate and USA house by getting 151 Republican supports in the US senate and 235 in USA house. It was a great lead to Democratic Party. The chances for Trump’s victory were less as the supports of Trump were all in the rural areas and there, the population was very low in density.


Now, according to the jurisdiction and clear results, Mr. Donald Trump is the next and 45th president of the USA.  The facts and figures showed that Trump would go more than to get 200 electoral votes and Hillary get 270 early than Trump. But the results are now unexpected, the Public, perhaps, liked the policies of the person who is against the Islam and love the other religions.