The Montana presidential elections 2016 results have been aiding Trump in the Montana total votes 2016 while the Montana voting history also explains the opening of 2016’s Montana presidential elections. Both of these results and ways of information collection till prediction say Donald Trump being closer reliably in the state.



Reasons for Trump’s domination in Montana Total votes 2016

The Montana voting history has quite much been favored towards the Red color Republicans for Montana’s presidential elections 2016 results. This is because if you consider the last ten years of election, you shall see that in 2012’s presidential elections in Montana there was a Republican majority of 55.4% while the Democrats had a popularity vote of 41.7%. The 2008 elections also showed a Republican victory by 49.5% while the Democrats only got 47.3% overall. When it comes to even 2004, 2000, and 1996, the same trend becomes evident again and again. Looking at the last 10 elections, it has always been the Republicans that have been favored except for 1992 when the Democrats won over. There are three electoral votes in the Montana presidential elections 2016 which account for 0.5% in the elections. This is the reason that Trump is reliable for Montana total votes 2016 to be in his favor.
For the timeline between 1900 and 2012, the state has cast votes for the winning presidential candidate for 79.31% of the times. It is also again obvious that even during this time the Republicans have gotten all the support in comparison to the Democrats in each of the Montana presidential elections 2016. The Republicans have been favored by 65.52% while the Democrats have just gotten 34.48% of the votes for the same.

Montana voting history


Primary Montana presidential election 2016 results

To know of the popularity of each of the candidates in the parties, both the Democrats as well as Republicans held their primary Montana presidential elections 2016 to know the way about the Montana total votes 2016 that would contribute towards the 2016 Montana presidential elections. These primaries took place in Montana on 7th June 2016 while the results for the same have also been obtained. It was again seen just according to the trend that the Republican side had more support than the Democrat side overall. In the Republican Party, it was a majority of 73.7% that was obtained by the candidate Donald Trump. On the other hand, it was Bernie Sanders of the Democrat side who got the most majority with 51.6% to his board.
Hence, looking at the overall primary results for the Montana presidential elections 2016 and the Montana voting history, both of them seem intact with each other to keep favoring the Republican (Donald Trump) side even this year. The predictions, therefore, for the Montana presidential elections 2016 according to all the related and available aspects, facts, and stats point the same that this is a reliable Donald Trump state after all.