With 2016 Alaska Presidential election finals in November none has the patience to know what might happen. For accurate prediction knowing, Alaska total votes 2016 primaries trend and Alaska voting history can help in making the exact guess. Alaska is the 49th state to become a member of the Union in 1959. 1960 marked the first vote from Alaska. With three electoral votes from 1960, Alaska total votes 2016 has remained the same. Alaska has always come blue and is proudly known as a Republican state.

Alaska voting history



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Alaska, voting history trend, has remained constant

Alaska voting history has always shown its inclination towards Republican candidates. When going over the Alaska voting history, it has been seen that the Republics remained strong throughout-

• The year 2000- Republicans won by 58.6% while the Democrats by 27.7%
• The year 2004- Republics had voted 61.1% while the Democrats by 35.5%
• The year 2008 too has the same with Republicans winning by 59.4 %
• The year 2012 54.8% towards Republicans while only 40.8% towards Democrats


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Alaska Total votes 2016 Primaries have shown an inclination towards the Republican candidates. In the Clinton vs. Trump primary knock out Trump is leading his path in Alaska with 49% votes in the Alaska Presidential election 2016 while Hilary Clinton is behind by 5% votes.

Illegal voting in Primary round in Alaska Presidential election 2016

Alaska Presidential election 2016 at the primary level has shown some disparities where Babcock sent a letter of concern to Josie Bahnke regarding the unfair practices during 2016 Alaska Presidential election primary round. Babcock informed that there are illegal votes being casted along with manipulation of voted too which happened due to some precincts. He states that the Alaska total votes 2016 count would be different if these illegal procedures were not followed.



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Great hopes for final 2016 Alaska Presidential election

The 2016 Alaska Presidential election primary result has been satisfactory. It is a great time for the Republican says the State Republican chairman. They have promised to work hard towards the chosen candidates so that November finals get them the great news. For November final results the party has already stated its campaigning as well as their dedication will being great results.