Good people can make your world great. This is all when can say when referring to Tim Kaine (Democrat Party candidate for US Vice Presidential Elections 2016). As a lawyer by profession, Tim has never been the corrupt man in suits but a very loyal friend to America and its citizen. When it comes to social reforms and making positive political agenda, Tim Kaine is the right person to vote America.
To read Tim Kaine as a vice president, one has to understand how long he has been serving the states and how far he can make a successful candidate. A very hot positive point about Tim Kaine is the fact that he is Harvard graduate who has high morals for public service.

• Serving America- Tim Kaine

After his graduation, Tim Kaine has served almost 17 years in the missionaries school and has been able to generate a good deal of help for them. It is out of his courtesy as a person in general and as a lawyer in particular that he started working for a good cause at the beginning of his career. Considering examples of other lawyers who have made their way into the corporate world and making billions, but Tim Kaine (Democrat Party candidate for US Vice Presidential Elections 2016) has been working for the public to a great deal.

He is one of the pioneers who had worked for redlining. This has been a great issue in America because of the increasing renting services and magnitude of multiple communities residing in America. Tim Kaine helped the people of color who were not able to get residence or was kicked out of their apartments because of their color. Also at the time, when the people of color were not able to make their property in America, Tim Kaine (Democrat Party candidate for US Vice Presidential Elections 2016) served as a guiding star for them. To some this may sound some supporting speech, but is not. The man has made America better and happier.

Also he is one of the most liberal men who have acted less conservative when it comes to women voting. Tim Kaine has been very supportive of women’s right movements and women rights in general. No wonder the man stands beside one of the strongest women in America today. It is to understand that the women reproductive rights and health rights. The right to reproduction is one of the strongest steps taken by American women and with the increasing controversy on this topic; Tim Kaine was able to make his way to help women in dire need.

• Improved Virginia – Tim Kaine (Democrat Party candidate for US Vice Presidential Elections 2016)

Tim in his time in Virginia has served as one of the best governors. It is during his governance that Virginia came to be one of the best places of business and had generated a lot of revenue because of it. While there are possibilities of making Virginia better, Tim Kaine can make America much better.

While there are instances of making Virginia better, due to the conservative rural set back, there was a lot of idea of not giving jobs to people with different sexual orientation. But this is where Tim Kaine comes in and makes sure that no one is his state is judged by sexual orientation. By using his Harvard law skills Tim Kaine (Democrat Party candidate for US Vice Presidential Elections 2016) was able to make people understand that such people should not suffer in jobs. And have given the right to them for working in the best offices. This reform has made America a discrimination-free land.

Just like his president Hilary Clinton, Tim Kaine is a man of family and understands the meaning of family. According to Kim, his best experience is to be a father, and this is where the hearts of thousands of Americans should melt. Because let’s face it, we have the best systems in the world, but then we have the worst relations in the world as well. It’s time to become a family America, It’s time to support Tim Kaine (Democrat Party candidate for US Vice Presidential Elections 2016)

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