Meaning Of Womens Day:

8 March, National Women’s Day, is a day of celebration of women in our country. It’s a day when we all celebrate what women are doing in their jobs and our trade unions, in politics, in media, within our education and religious organizations, in our homes as well as in our communities.

It’s also a day of solidarity in between women’s solidarity in the ongoing struggle for total emancipation from social and economic subordination, a day when women unite to protest against the continued triple exploitation from the majority of women as members of the working class, in the workplace, and also at home.

Meaning Of Womens Day, Thanks to no small part to the courage as well as the resolution of the women of 1956 as well as beyond. Our democratically chosen government has repealed old laws which discriminated against women, particularly black women, embedded gender equality into our constitution as well as passed new legislation to promote gender equity in employment, and also human rights for women in the community and also family.

A lot of South African women today hold high office in government, parliament as well as civil society, shattering that old myth that just men have the abilities and skill must be leaders to hold the most senior jobs.

The lives of 1000s of women have been changed through the extension of services like water, electricity, sewerage as well as housing to increasingly more communities. This has begun to the massive task of freeing women from a minimum of some of the burdens of household labor as well as given a lot more of them the opportunity to find a job, extend their education or start a small business.

meaning of women's day

Significance Of Women’s Day:

Significance Of Women’s Day,  Womens Day is celebrated throughout the world on 8 March each year in honor of their remarkable contribution in our society. Womens Day also commemorates the inspiring role of ladies all over the world to secure women’s rights and make more equitable societies. Women’s Day also recalls the voices of numerous women that go unheard as well as who continue to be dominated from acquiring their rights as well as realizing their full possible.

Woman – the power to create, nurture as well as transform! The word ‘Womens Day” conjures up the images of selfless love, care as well as affection. Simultaneously, women ignite the spirit of power and hope. Sadly, around the globe, women had to fight for their independence as well as the safety of rights.

Significance Of Women’s Day, International Women’s Day honors the women who’ve paved the path towards our progress as well as struggled to take womanhood to a level where it’s now. Sadly, simultaneously, the day is a reminder of the discrimination as well as inequality that also is constantly on the plague society. This particular day, devoted to women around the globe, is a celebration of the great results of women across all spheres of life in addition to shaping the future.

The goal of Women’s Day is to express love as well as gratitude towards women’s’ contribution to the lives as well as society. It honors the ability and struggles of women who’ve broken all barriers. Nowadays, women around the world actively take part in politics, corporate, sports, education, IT, research & development, social work, innovation, and various fields, and have left their footprints.

The Origin Of Womens Day:

In the last 10-15 years, thousands of women globally have started to recognize and to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). It is, however, unfortunate that it is origins aren’t extensively known given that its foundation nearly A hundred years ago, as well as subsequent history, is inspirational.

The motivation for IWD came from two sources: the struggle or even working-class women to form trade unions and also the fight for women’s franchise. Both of these issues united European women with their sisters in the United States. In 1908 many women workers in the New York needle traded demonstrated in Rutgers Square in Manhattan’s Lower East Side to form their union and also to need the right to vote.

This historic demonstration happened on March 8th. It led, in the following year, towards the ‘uprising’ of 30,000 women shirtwaist makers that resulted in the 1st permanent trade unions for females workers in the USA.

At the same time news of the heroic fight off the US, women workers reached Europe, mainly it inspired European socialist females who had established, on the initiative of the German socialist feminist, Clara Zetkin the International Socialist Women’s Conference.

This latter body met the very first time in 1907 in Stuttgart along with among the periodic conferences of the 2nd International (1889-1914). 3 years later in 1910, the Copenhagen Conference of the 2nd International Clara Zetkin proposed the following motion:

The motion was carried: 8 March was preferred, even though at this stage no formal date was set. Nevertheless, rallies, as well as demonstrations in the US and lots of European countries, marked the IWD in the years resulting in World War One, albeit on different days every year.

In 1917 in Russia, Significance Of Women’s Day is acquired- it was the flashpoint for the Russian Revolution. On 8th March (Western calendar) women workers in Petrograd kept full of the strike as well as demonstration challenging Peace as well as Bread.

The strike movement distributes from factory to factory as well as efficiently grew to become an insurrection. In the year 1922, in honor of the women’s role on IWD in 1917, Lenin asserted that March 8th ought to be specified officially as women’s day.

Much later it had been a national holiday in the Soviet Union and many of the former socialist countries. The cold war may explain the reason why it was that a public holiday celebrated through communists, was mostly involved in the West, even though in 1975 (International Women’s Year), the United Nations recognized March 8th as International Women’s Day.

Today we know that IWD gives us a chance to highlight our struggles for women’s legal rights, to link this along with the ladies’ struggles globally and to demonstrate international sisterly solidarity with working women all over the place. However, the socialist feminist origins of IWD will not be forgotten. Read more about International Womens Day quotes.