International Hug Day is a day of happiness and enjoyment, and it is celebrated with understanding and the joyful contribution of people. All around the world this day has got prestige and significant importance due to holding the purpose of glory. International hug day is considered among the most sounding events because on that day people not only hug each other but also they transfer meaningful thoughts. People not just physically hug each other but also there happen mutual collaboration which illustrates to the true meaning of life. International hug day emerges the true meaning of life in so melodious manner.

International hug day in history:

As we take a view on this day in history, so we find out that in 1986 there was a young man named Kevin Zaborney, who proposed this day. He first time hugged her friend who was the granddaughter of the nobleman who was the proprietor of publication at that time. At that moment Zaborney felt great pleasure, and this was a time of happiness and great joy for him. So on the 21st January 1986, hug day was proposed by this man and was added to Chase’s Calendar too. That was a sounding work by this juvenile young man, and he was 24 at that time. This day was being a national hug day and was added to their official days too.

These are factors which influence the world to make this international hug day and the following benefits can be achieved by this day:

International hug day to promote kindness:

By the arrival and celebration of national hug day, people can really get the lesson of kindness and virtue by each other. When they will hug each other than definitely, they will feel themselves closer too. And when they would be much closer to each other than their hearts would melt definitely which compels them to love each other. So as a resultant they will leave the hatred and they will show kindness the other people too. This will really create a true sense of kindness in them.

International hug day to show affection:

In our societies, one of fundamental terminology which can be clearly observed without any limitations that we people can fight to anyone without any hesitation. Suppose you are going somewhere and somebody tried to cross you, without waiting for a single moment you or the person beside you will abuse them abruptly. Sometimes people become angry with one another on little talks, and they do not talk to one another till long period. So from these situations, we can easily understand that people show anger outside in front of the people, but they do not show their love for the people.

This is so easy to abuse someone on the road but this is so difficult for us to show our affection. And these problems we can observe in every country of the world. So there is a need to remove these problems which are occurred everywhere and have ought to make everyone happy and show them the true meaning of life. For this purpose international hug day is celebrated to bring happiness in the life of the people and to show people’s feelings of love to one another. People show their affections of love by hugging instead of their anger.

How is International hug day better than media?

International hug day can be proven as the most fundamental and most affected weapon for the global village. People are now connected due to the presence of media and social media as well. In media, all type of concerns such as print media, digital media comes through the panel. But what is the mainstream in which all sort of media is not playing the crucial role? As due to the arrival of the social media world has become a global village but still we are far away from each other. You might have observed that a boy will have more affection with one of his friend on social media instead of the people who are living with them. Although the benefits of social media cannot be denied and they are worthwhile in many schools of thought but still what about the people who are living with you? When you will get ill the person from abroad will not come in just 2 minutes as the mother in your home can help you. As your brother or even your neighbor can support you so rapidly.

So how can you ignore such people who are ready to show you affection and adorable moments? So that would be so better than by the practice of international hug day you can exchange the feelings with one and other. You can make the practice and you can display your meticulous feelings to your family, neighbors and the people who care for you. International hug day can play a much greater role in this regard, however, with the presence of media, you can get assistance for the promotion of this day. Which will result to make the whole world speak the language of affection.

International hug day for students:

We can ignore anything unless this will not affect our kids. As the kids and students are the real assets of any state so, therefore, we should be more concerned about them as well. In our routine life whatever we are doing, they are observing us in every regard. So that would be better if we will also keep care of them for the work which we are doing and for the action which we are going to take. This will take us at the height of achievement for the new generation. When we will celebrate the international hug day and will try to display the affection to our kids then surely they will learn by it. They will love to have a word with you on the matter of adorable actions and for the practice of feelings. Although when you will share feelings then this will give you something in return as well.

So international hug day can assess more usual and more defined outcomes which you might never have been experienced before. Just keep an eye on the international hug day and the glory of this will reveal such fruitful results for you that you would stun. So if you are ready to face the stunning moments then don’t wait for a long time and let’s start promoting international hug day.

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