As we talk about US Presidential election 2016, US with its great enthusiasm & freedom of speech has been able to motivate yet another audience this time for 2016 presidential elections. US election 2016 polls have controversies and media creating farcical situations at the time, both the Democratic Party and Republicans have been able to give each other tough time, and the game continues in US election 2016.

2016 Presidential Elections US Polls

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2016 Presidential Elections & On-fire Trump

On US elections 2016, the Trump/Hillary war seems to be on fire and in spite of the US election 2016 polls, and there is still an idea of uncertainty.  In the past elections when Obama was to be selected as the winner, things were very much obvious but what makes these 2016 presidential elections epic, is not the obvious feud between the democrats and republicans but the unsettling amount of votes cast for both the candidates. Whenever there is an obvious wining side in US election 2016 polls, the bottle spins again, and one has to see a new side of the news which is building up more curiosity than ever. We are amazed to think of the following aspects day and night:

1-    Is Donald Trump a publicity stunt

2-    Are Hillary/ Donald fight and insults for real? Or this is to boost up the maximum audience for voting.

3-     Why is the polling not so obvious in spite of being so obvious in 2016 Presidential Elections?

4-    Or (the scariest) the replacement of black president with a white one?

Interesting Situations in US elections 2016

The exact situation is still unknown but this time, the US elections 2016 have created a great façade not just on the media but the public as well.  One of the basic reasons of the drama created presidential elections is the selection of Republic representative Donald Trump, who is a TV series reality show star and is famous for his reckless attitude and outspoken behavior. On the other side, the lady with charms, Hillary Clinton is famous for her public tolerance and decency of speech in US elections 2016. With such an opposite opposition, the supporters will respond with the double magnitude, and it is very much happening.  Recently in August 2016, there were nude statues of Donald Trump on the roads for protest.  While Hillary’s speeches and promotional campaigns in presidential elections 2016 were considered a big fraud by Trump.

Not just the audience but the opinionated speeches of Trump have created an epic atmosphere during US election 2016 polls. The history seemed to be repeating itself when Trump’s contempt for people of color was highlighted at the beginning of this election campaign. I wonder if they still have the majority of white people in America? What seems to be obvious at this point, the only clarification from Trump for his racist opinion is that discriminating Muslims, people of color and Mexican is not racism. Too bad for this blonde, the stereotype of blonde and senseless completely makes a cut.

Trump’s opinion on Muslim as terrorist and Mexican as biased were published over and over again in the newspaper. But this is somewhat epically exclaimed by Trumps as the perks of White supremacy in America.

Enough from Trump’s side, not just media but in Presidential Election 2016, Hillary herself had declared Trump as a racist man and is of the view that such a man who discriminates does not deserve to rule the government or order the military.  Hillary’s expensive promotional campaigns and enormous fellowship was declared as ‘Bigot’ by the opposition who claims her to be too low to strive for minority votes. Since when did minority become so important for America? In spite of pungent comments on Hillary as a first woman to be striving for the presidency, she can comment back with the same magnitude that has helped her win the votes of a lot of young voters.

US election 2016 polls & immigration issue

The United States of America, famous for massive cultural amalgamation and land of opportunities seems to be opening the gates of hell for the immigrants during 2016 US elections. The immigration that has entered America by illegally and has given birth legally should go back to their lands. As Trump is on the view that immigrants should be cast back to their terrorist lands or they can have a temporary stay if they want.  Surprisingly, to this, there is not so much criticism from Hillary’s side, and she is of the view that the opinion can be discussed on neutral grounds. To the immigrants, here goes your opportunity!!!

When there is all feminism in America, Hillary is trying her best to prove her sense of Women Empowerment by becoming the first ever elected female president of United States of America. The US election Polls are female dominant.  Not just Hillary but Melanie Trump is also trying to impress the audience by stating the almost exact words of Michelle Obama’s speech. This is called Girl power; one debates the other just copies it for good during US election 2016 polls.  Not a just girl to girl fight and debates but Hillary and Trump have been pulling each other for a long time and people have been amazed at such long term debating sessions in 2016 presidential election.

Another Epic aspect is of US election 2016, is the amount spent on the promotion of the campaigns. Trump has invested 10 $ million for the promotion of the party some areas of US.  Hillary has spent a great deal of millions of dollars on just making the agenda and proposal for party promotion. This is indeed more than the actual reality shows that cost diamonds. But for these two candidates, this war has exceeded the epic amount of investment and probably will increase more in the coming days. The US election 2016 polls defines Hillary as a nationwide winner but who wins the bigger game is still under construction.

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