The New Hampshire presidential elections 2016 have been upfront while rallies have been taking place for getting estimates of New Hampshire total votes 2016 throughout the New Hampshire voting history. This has been for 2016 New Hampshire presidential election results prediction so that one can gain the situation anyhow.

New Hampshire presidential elections 2016 statistics for prediction

New Hampshire has had a representation for 4 electoral votes up till the 2020 New Hampshire presidential elections. This has been known after the 2010 census calculation and is going to be a representation of 0.9% in the 538 total electoral votes. It is also 1.5% for the 270 electoral votes that are needed for successful victories overall.
The statistics for 2016 New Hampshire presidential elections will be different for constituting New Hampshire Total votes 2016. This is also because if you consider a part of the New Hampshire voting history, then this has been a battleground state in fact. It is heavily surrounded by Democratic blue states while five out of six last elections have been on the Democratic candidate side as well. New Hampshire has maintained its four electoral votes since 1884 too.
The checking timeline between 1900 and 2012 consists of New Hampshire electing the winning candidate their state winner for more than 82.76% of the time. It has also been seen that there has been a reverse psychology in comparison to what has been happening over the last five to six years in New Hampshire. The same 1900 to 2012 timeline has seen the people NIL the Republicans in comparison to Democratic candidates overall. This can be exactly known through statistics that show this percentage to be 62.07 to 37.93% for the Democrats.
The last ten years have shown that the Republicans had won 1976, 1980, 1984, and 1988 presidential elections but the remaining years have been Democratic with the Reds winning in 2000 only.
Hence, the situation cannot be known very well because it seems like a toss-up between the two.

Hampshire voting history


New Hampshire Total votes 2016 through caucus

The New Hampshire total votes 2016 constitution is what makes the 2016 New Hampshire presidential elections predictable through the primary caucus that has taken place on 9th February 2016. It was done to know the popularity of different candidates over others in their party and also the popularity of the two parties in New Hampshire. The 2016 New Hampshire presidential election results now seem to speak without any New Hampshire voting history reflections. With a 35.6% of popularity votes for the Republicans, it was Donald Trump who came ahead. On the other hand for the Democrats, it was Bernie Sanders who came out popular more than both his party candidates and Trump’s popularity too. This was a striking 61% popularity, though.
Hence, the New Hampshire presidential election 2016 primaries have revealed that it can be anyone, but still the chances of a Democrat are more in comparison overall.