The New Jersey presidential elections 2016 for the primary elections have seen how New Jersey’s voting history and New Jersey’s total votes 2016 are being calculated. This shall be well reflected in the overall 2016 New Jersey presidential elections. There have been different nominations and representations for different states in the presidential elections overall. It has been seen that after the 2010 Census reapportion the state of New Jersey has in fact lost one electoral seat in the New Jersey presidential elections 2016. It now has 14 electoral votes in the same. This makes up for 2.6 % of the total 538 electoral votes while it also contributes to 5.2% for the total 270 electoral votes required for winning.

New Jersey voting history


New Jersey presidential elections 2016- the road to White House

The New Jersey presidential elections 2016 are surely going to be a big chunk for the White House in general. This is why the New Jersey total votes 2016 should be known beforehand at least roughly. The New Jersey voting history has been different over the years.
According to various statistics taken from the year 1900 to 2012, New Jersey has been voting for the overall winning candidate for more than 82.765 of the times. This means that there are high chances of the 2016 New Jersey presidential elections indicating the overall presidential election results too. During the same 1900 to 2012 period, there have been preferences to support the Republicans more than the Democrats. This is seen by a percentage volume of 55.17% for Republicans and 44.83% for the Democrats.
When it comes to the 2000 and 2012 timeline, an opposite trend seems to turn the tables around. The Democrats have been favored in all the elections till date with not even one won by the Republicans.
Hence, considering the New Jersey voting history, the trend was shown can not give any New Jersey presidential elections 2016 predictions though the last few years trends could say that it may be the Democrats this year too.

New Jersey presidential elections 2016 primaries and their effects

The New Jersey presidential elections 2016 primary results definitely shall have their effects on the overall actual 2016 New Jersey presidential elections. The New Jersey voting history might not be too conclusive, but the primary caucus can give in at least some grounds in relation with the past few years voting history. This can then help to form the reflection of what the New Jersey total votes 2016 shall be made up of.
The primary caucus took place in New Jersey on 7th June 2016 to know of the popularity of the parties and their candidates competitions as well. It was the Republican Party that got more popularity than the Democrats. Hilary Clinton won 63.2% of the popularity while Donald Trump got a striking 80.4 % popularity here.This could mean that the New Jersey state has chances of being red this time around.