The primary Massachusetts presidential elections 2016 results from the caucus have given Massachusetts total votes 2016 which can be different for Massachusetts voting history for the 2016 Massachusetts presidential elections. This is why an analysis has become necessary for the situation that is about to take place for Massachusetts in the presidential elections that are going to take place in November 2016.

Massachusetts voting history Massachusetts voting history


Primary caucus Massachusetts presidential election 2016 results

The Massachusetts total votes 2016 can be predicted through various ways. There are certainly two main ways for doing so. The first is the one in which the 2016 Massachusetts presidential election results can be found out through the primary caucus held beforehand. This is done to know of the popularity of candidates while the second one relates to Massachusetts voting history over the years. This is just a pure statistical reflection of how the results can come out looking at the trend.
The primary caucus was held for both the known parties in Massachusetts. This means namely the two parties Democratic and Republican. The primary caucus took place on 1st March 2016 where the Republican primary got a popularity of 48.995 for Donald Trump while Hilary Clinton got 49.73% popularity through. This means that the competition in Massachusetts is surely neck to neck and cannot be speculated well enough already.

Massachusetts voting history


Massachusetts voting history trend since the start

If there is anyone who wants to know the true statistics of how the 2016 Massachusetts presidential elections will show up regarding Massachusetts total votes 2016, then this can be known through the whole Massachusetts voting history.
Massachusetts has voted in all the 57 presidential elections that have taken place till now. It has been seen that Massachusetts had voted Democrat for most of the time except for only a meager 4 number of times when it voted Republican. This happened in between the era from 1972 to 1984. Massachusetts has 11 electoral votes till the 2012 presidential elections. When it comes to the overall percentage till date, it has been seen that Massachusetts has been Democratic 55.17% while it has been Republican for 44.83 % of the time especially during 1900 and 2012. Massachusetts also has the highest rank of voting for the winning candidate which is 75.86% of the time. Looking at this trend, it can be said that Hilary Clinton could be too near to victory because she has gained the most popularity in the caucus while she is also a Democrat too.
Hence, for the Massachusetts presidential elections 2016, the result can show that it is going to be reliably blue this time as well and that the trend shall follow greatly to have a Democrat win overall in the elections too. This is simply because from 1996 to 2012 (5 past elections) the percentage of the Democrats has never been less than a majority like 60.7%, 61.8, 62.1%. 59.8% and 61.5% for each of the years that have passed. Hence, a clear result of the Massachusetts presidential election 2016 can be known this way.