News channels are focusing on the US election winning president nowadays. The USA residents are also waiting for the voting session to declare the new USA president in 2016 elections. There are two famous personalities in the USA for the presidential elections. The competition between them is very competitive. As everyone knew that most of the countries never liked Mr. Obama’s policies, so, it is noticeable how the USA public and all over the world countries like Hillary’s policies. Most of the female supporters stated that they would cast their vote for Hillary, but on the other hand, the mostly male reported that they are with Donald. Presidential elections in the USA are going to be held on November 8, 2016. The competition will be an interesting one as the voting starts today in the US. Hillary Clinton supports the Democratic Party, and Mr. Donald Trump will support for the Republican. Here, you will know the voting session sequences and time according to the cities and towns in the USA.

First voting session

The first voting session started in a town of Dixville, in New Hampshire. There, the population is about 12.

There is a pretty amazing custom to vote at midnight. It means that they will announce its result before the whole country. The voting will start there at 4 pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

Tuesday, 10 pm voting

Polls opened in some towns on the east coast. It depends on the state; the polling booths opened between 6 am to 7 in the morning and closed between 7 or 8 in the evening. But the rule was if you were on the line during those timing, you could still cast your vote. Here is an interesting thing that the United States has six different time zones, but just to make things beautiful, 13 states are operating with split time zones.

Here the noticeable thing is that the voting session took place on Tuesday overnight, according to Australian time.

Wednesday at 11 am (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Polling booths began to close in the Eastern States at 11 am Wednesday according to Eastern Daylight Time. There were expectations based on the views of the polls counted the whole day. Result indications always are expected fair, but the results are not correct always.  The swing key states are Florida, Virginia and New Hampshire to get the results of this election.

On Wednesday, 11:30 am

Polls were closed in two more election competitive states Ohio and North Carolina. Mr. Trump’s victory chances can be seen less or more depending on a win from either Florida or Ohio. It means that the winning of Mr. Donald Trump depended on how he was fairing as he was considered an anti-Islamic person of the USA.

12 pm, Wednesday

On Wednesday, 12 pm, 18 more states closed the voting session; Pennsylvania is the most critical state from them. Pennsylvania closed its polling both with the closing session of Florida (Florida is one of the states with the split time zone). So, there was a possibility that we might get indications at that time.

Wednesday, 1 pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

The polling session was closed in 10 states in Wisconsin as well as in Colorado. Hillary was considered the favorite to get the victory from Wisconsin but it could not more votes from there as she hoped. The last polls closed at that time in Texas that was entirely democratic. If that happened with Hillary, it was a great result at all.

US elections in Nevada and Lowa states Wednesday, 2 pm

Wednesday at 2 pm, voting closed in five states including two central Lowa and Nevada; the other three were closed by finalizing the territory safety. If Hillary jumps and Mr. Trump didn’t get the victory in Lowa, the results were pretty much done. Hillary ran her election campaign successfully, and also she invested more than that was expected.


US elections, 3 pm Wednesday AEDT

The voting session closed in California, the major supporting state for solid ground Mr. Trump. Polling was also closed in Alaska at 5 pm, but the results were expected unlikely there. Hillary Clinton can surpass in this state, but unfortunately, she didn’t.

The declaration of winning and losing session

Most of the opinion was studied that the Female were casting their votes for Hillary Clinton and mostly men were casting votes for Mr. Donald Trump. If it happened, the results were amazing ones. Mr. Trump also ran his campaign to its states to win the election that was much successful than Hillary. The US cable channels and television networks nowadays were waiting for the results to be announced for the United States Presidential elections 2016. Those who got the results immediately were the subscribers of the US elections related site. You could be first to know the election results.


270 was the magic number; that was the number to win the US presidential election 2016. The first candidate had to reach 270 to get the victory.

It is also a tradition in Australia that the election losing person will concede defeat once the number 270 reaches.