The 2016 New York presidential elections are the upcoming heat of the town, but it is the New York total votes 2016 through primary elections and the New York voting history that will determine roughly the idea of New York presidential elections 2016. Even though the state of New York has lost two electoral seats after the 2010 Census but there are a total of 29 electoral votes throughout the 2020 presidential election for now. This also makes up for 5.3% of the total 538 electoral votes while it is also 10.7 of the weight needed to win the general elections as well.

New York voting history


New York voting history course over the years

The New York presidential elections 2016 shall be soon revealed with what the New York total votes 2016 have in them. Knowing about the 2016 New York presidential election results roughly beforehand doesn’t seem to be bad through the course of New York voting history over time.
It has been seen clearly between 1900 and 2012 that New York has given votes to the winning candidate for 79.31% of the time while the same time duration has also seen that the state has been favoring the Democrat candidates more than the Republican candidates. This has a percentage ratio of 55.17 too 44.83% respectively even though the later timeline is different. The course of the trends in New York has changed because from 2000 to 2012 the importance of the Democrats has increased even more than before. This has resulted in every election taking place during that time to be won by Democrats overall. There is not even one New York presidential election that has gone for the Republicans
New York has been a blue state ever since the Great Depression, and it was only in 1948 that the Republican was chosen for it through the presidential elections happening at that time. Going back 10 years, it has been only in the year of 1980 and 1984 that the Reds have been favored and supported while all other years remain blue at all times.

New York presidential elections 2016 primary caucus

Since every state has its primary elections before the actual elections to know of the popularity, New York also has its 2016 New York presidential elections so that the New York total votes 2016 can be known well. The New York voting history might be helping too, but it has been different and contrasting in these primarily held elections.
The primary New York presidential elections 2016 took place on 19th April 2016 where most of the majority was won by Donald Trump in his Republican Party which was followed by Hilary Clinton’s victory in the Democrat Party. Donald Trump got 59.2% of the votes while it was Hilary who has 57.5% majority as well.
The two seem quite close, but it has been known through the New York voting history that the state is truly a Hilary Clinton reliably safe state overall.