What is New Year’s Resolution?

A very popular tradition in western countries in which people promise to change an undesirable behavior, achieve a particular goal to improve their lives in every way possible is known as New Year’s Resolution.

Importance of New Year’s Resolution:

A resolution or promise with oneself is very important in life as it allows you to set goals for the future. A future you are uncertain about but to an extent, take control of. Anyone with a desire to achieve something in life is bound to set a goal. Not only it clarifies your vision in the long-run towards your goal but provides you a motivational strength to move forward in achieving it the best way possible. The focus is what leads you towards an achievement which comes with a goal set in the mind. Managing your time according to the requirements of your goal would make your life easy in achieving it. But why this resolution has been so much talked about at the beginning of a New Year? A reason for that is because it gives you a fresh start to another cycle of 365 days in your life. Hence we relate it to New Year’s resolution. It provides you with another opportunity to look at your flaws and promise to take steps to improve the life ahead. New Year is just like a starting line to a race, where you plan to execute the time ahead before you reach the finishing line.

1.      Stop Complaining:

If you have been previously complaining about some things not going your way, this is the time to put a full stop to it as a New Year’s resolution. Life is too short to complain about things. Therefore, start working hard in life rather than complaining. Luck plays a vital role in yielding results in your favor but as a first step, hard work is the key to success. Maybe you need to change the way of working things out.

2.      Live a Peaceful Life:

We are living our lives at such a fast pace these days. Everyone is busy in his or her daily work routines which takes away the inner peace from them. As a New Year’s resolution, promise yourself to live a peaceful life ahead. Ignore the things around you and focus on what matters the most. Find your peace and stay content with what you have.

3.      Forget the Past:

There is no way moving forward when you keep on holding your past memories. Life gives you lemons at certain steps. Understand that it’s not the end. No matter what, you were good enough to make it to the new chapter of life. Whether it is losing somebody in your life or failing to achieve your goal, turn around for a better approach in the New Year. Promise yourself not to look back for what happened, instead learn from your mistakes and move on.

4.      Be Grateful:

In whatever situation you find yourself in life, be grateful for what you have been blessed. We ignore the little blessings in life and worry about the big moments. Look around you and realize there are many people deprived of what you already have. Therefore as a New Year’s resolution, spare some time for counting the number of blessings. You will automatically stay much happier in life.

5.      Love Yourself:

A lot of people look out for love of their life. The first step to being loved is to love yourself. You need to realize that it all starts with you. Put yourself on top of the priority list and do things that make you happier. It boosts your confidence and develops a sense of self-love. Stop finding yourself in a ‘for granted’ situation and make the most out of what comes ahead of you. People will automatically start loving you.

6.      Travel to New Places:

Life is all about moving forward and one thing you don’t want to miss out is traveling. It’s rather a healthy activity to go on a trip from your hectic work routine. Get out of that nutshell and plan a trip to some new place to travel with your friends and family. No matter what, you always need a break from one constant running cycle of life. Add this to your New Year’s resolution as this is the best opportunity to visit a new place and meet unknown people.

7.      Enjoy Little Moments:

Happiness is all around you to be discovered. It usually comes in those little moments we don’t even bother. Enjoy these little moments of happiness in life to lead a happy and contented life. Resolve to make these moments memorable and worth remembering. You have no idea how much stress this would take away from you.

8.      Making New Friends:

We spend most of the time at home when we return from work. This New Year, it’s time to change things and look out for the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Stop being hesitant anymore and start developing a network of new people around you. You will get to know new and interesting facts about life.

9.      Take Healthy Diet:

A majority of people among us don’t care what they eat and as a result, suffer from various diseases. Setting up New Year’s resolution? Write it down in your list to start eating healthy food for your own good. Junk food has made life very unhealthy for us and it’s hard to give up on them. Gather some determination and tell yourself to avoid any such kind of food in this next year.

10. Work with Positive Attitude:

Greeting the New Year with a positive attitude should be the first priority on your list. Positive attitude towards any goal opens up a world of endless possibilities for you. Do not let the negativity pull you back from what you need to achieve. Something even bigger than you actually desire might be waiting for you on the other end of the tunnel. Therefore resolve to stay strong and show resilience to the problems you face while working on your goals.

11. Become More Confident:

A confident person is more likely to live a happy and successful life. If you have been under the pump in the previous year, this is the right time to discover yourself on a new chapter of life. You must be confident enough about the potential your personality carries along. Confidence opens new possibilities for you in achieving your goals. Always take chances in life with your head high and receive compliments with a positive attitude. Do give yourself credit on achieving good in life. This New Year gives you an opportunity to boost your personality.

12. Learning New Skills:

Life is all about learning at every stage. There is always room for learning new skills. Desires exist and you must have wanted to learn something so badly at some stage of your life. Add it to the New Year’s resolution without wasting a moment. Life is too short to think about making a decision. Either it is learning a new language or playing an instrument, make sure you fulfill your self-promise in this upcoming year.

13. Spend time with the Family:

Meanwhile, everyone is busy achieving their goals and streamlining their careers, there is hardly any time to spend with the family. Stop being an absolutely career-oriented person and promise yourself to maintain sufficient balance between the two. Family members are the one who matters the most at any stage of life. People come and go but family stays by your side through every thick and thin. During the next 365 days, try to realize their importance and give them the attention they deserve.

14. Get Married:

Life is not all about being a career-oriented person. Find a life partner in your New Year’s resolution. It’s the time you finally move ahead in your life with a relationship. Everyone needs someone whom they can talk about anything and share their deep secrets. It’s just a matter of time when we finally find that other half of us.

15. Quit Drinking or smoking:

When you set your New Year’s resolution, quitting bad habits is essential to get yourself a fresh start. One of them being smoking or drinking. It has such adverse effects on your health you might not know but it results in heart problems and lungs cancer. Give up these bad habits and start saving the money you spend on cigarettes and drinks.

16. Earn & Save Money:

Take yourself out of the nutshell of a daily routine job. This year resolve yourself to find ways to earn extra money. Successful people are always looking to find ways to earn more money. Why not strive for something that makes your life more comfortable and luxury-oriented? You can always work online as a freelancer on various websites. It’s not only about earning money but saving them for bad times as well. Save money before you spend. This formula would turn out to be helpful for you in this upcoming year.

17. Pay off Debts:

Nobody wants to spend life with the weight of debts on their head. Make a schedule on paying off the debts. Get freedom in your life so that you can plan the financial needs of your family. Lock it down in your New Year’s resolution list.

18. Start Volunteer Work:

Include volunteer work in your New Year’s resolution. Working for others not only gives a purpose to your life but it makes you happier and satisfied with the efforts you make. Resolve yourself to understand that money is not everything in life. Start working voluntarily for the well-being of humanity and helping the poor and needy in the shape of a charity. This world can turn into a paradise if everyone starts to play his or her role in this noble cause.

19. Discover Yourself:

Do what makes you happy. It’s the simplest formula you can follow to stay happier in life. What if you don’t feel happy even with the people around you? It’s probably the time you reconsider your options. Try to find out what provides you that sense of satisfaction in life. Discovering yourself is the key to success as well. There might be some hidden talent you are yet to discover in yourself. Promise yourself in this New Year’s resolution to find that out.

20. Take the responsibility:

You are responsible to protect and provide for your family. It only comes when you take responsibility on your shoulders. Being an adult, it’s time for you to step up and start making decisions in your life. This will encourage you to set better goals for your family.

21. Control your Emotions:

There will be times in your life when you lose your temper. Things happen but you need to be one step ahead of them. Don’t let them get on your nerves. Once you learn how to control your emotions, life becomes much friendly. Face challenges in life with a positive attitude and emotions under your belt.

22. Get over your Ex:

There is no shortcut to the healing process in life. It takes time for you to settle and realize things and people you have lost were never meant to be yours. As they say, it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved. You must consider yourself lucky to have been in love at least once in your life. In this New Year’s resolution, it’s time to move forward and find success in life.

23. Stop wasting time on Social Media:

There was a time when people used to spend hours watching tv or playing outside. It has been taken over by the social media now. It’s meant to connect you with your family and friends. Getting addicted to spending hours on social media networks might be a warning sign for you. Excess of anything is harmful. Don’t waste your time on social media and start working on something creative.

24. Develop healthy habits:

It’s never too late to start anything before you run out of time. If you have been involved in bad and unhealthy habits in the past, it’s time to promise yourself not to repeat your mistakes. Start developing good habits which may include helping others, going for a walk, eating healthy food and anything else. Once you adopt them, soon they will become a natural part of your routine.

25. Become More Creative:

Rather than wasting time on useless activities, start thinking outside the box. It opens up a world of endless possibilities and a new perspective on life for you. New Year’s resolution is not all about setting generic goals, be creative in your approach. Spend more time on what you like to do and you will end up with a number of creative ideas in your mind.

26. Overcoming Fear:

The biggest enemy you face in achieving your goal is fear. In the upcoming year’s resolution, put aside all your fears of losing and under-performing. Life is all about taking chances. Tell yourself that you have the potential to do the job. Half of the people fail in their life because they are unable to overcome fear on the way to glory. There is a risk factor involved in every goal you desire to achieve which comes with a fear to lose. Invest confidence in your abilities for future endeavors.

27. Start Cooking:

You might be living away from home and tired of spending extra money just to buy food from outside. This is the time to start learning how to cook. Not only it saves you money but allows you to make anything of your choice in your own way. As a part of New Year’s resolution, now you don’t need to worry about the quality of the food you eat. Make it according to your own standards.

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