When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve, there are many well-reputed destinations around the world that offer traditional and cultural celebrations in the form of fireworks and historical events. Nobody wants to miss out on this opportunity to celebrate the most awaited moment around the globe as the clock nears midnight. A huge number of people gather at various popular venues to witness a sequence of fireworks. Before you plan to visit a place, make sure to book your tickets (where applicable) in advance to confirm your presence at the event. There are some fascinating places to visit on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks and parties on New Year’s Eve at these venues would leave you astonishing and with eyes wide open. Let’s have a look at these venues and the events taking place on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – Sydney, Australia:

The New Year’s Eve celebrations begin from this part of the world starting with New Zealand and moving towards Australia where Sydney never disappoints anyone. The fascinating show of fireworks begins on the Sydney Harbor. It provides a breathtaking view of the enlightened sky with Opera House and Harbor Bridge in the dark background. A lighted boat parade takes place at the Harbor which captures the attention of thousands of people. You need to get your tickets beforehand for the parties held at Bondi Beach on New Year’s Eve. Finding a suitable place to see the magnificent fireworks is a challenge because millions of people come over to witness this event. There are various parks around Sydney Harbor which offer a beautiful view at the tick of the clock at 12 a.m. Taronga Zoo arranges various events for the children to come and celebrate the New Year. People arrive here from all over the world and join parties held at night in the nearby restaurants.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – Bangkok, Thailand:

When it comes to amusing nightlife, Bangkok leads the list of venues in Asia. Central World Plaza holds the main focus for gathering and celebrating New Year’s Eve. Bangkok is already a perfect holiday destination for tourists around the world and you can also become a part of this New Year’s fireworks this time over. There is a lot of noise around the city during this festival and the entire Bangkok illuminates with colorful sequential fireworks as the clock shows 12 at night. As a part of this celebration, you can find various bars where the party continues at midnight.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – Moscow, Russia:

Thousands of people gather at Moscow’s Red Square for an incredible display of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. It might be the coldest place to celebrate New Year but never disappoints anyone from any part of the world with its enchanting festivals and New Year’s celebrations in pure Russian style. The skyline over Moscow is illuminated by the firecrackers at a splendid pace. You can also visit a few historical places around for fun activities. A buffet dinner is the best choice in Moscow for New Year’s night. People go to the clubs with friends to join fascinating parties at midnight.


New Year’s Eve Celebrations – Dubai, UAE:

One of the most majestic skyscrapers in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the center of attention for millions of people around the world for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. People gather at the world’s tallest building to welcome New Year as the unmatchable fireworks begin at midnight with magnificent Burj Khalifa, as a backdrop. It provides a highly astonishing view at midnight with sky enlightened up with eye-catching fireworks to the visitors. As a food destination, you can choose meals from a variety of dishes served in the most presentable way. Party and shopping lovers can make their way to clubs and famous Dubai Mall respectively to add fun to their visit on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – London, United Kingdom:

If you desire to spend quality time with your family or friends on New Year’s Eve, it’s time to pack your bags for London’s splendid fireworks and parties. The iconic structure named London’s Eye is the most famous venue for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The whole city sinks into a flood of lights with a stunning piece of fireworks erupting from London’s Eye. The colorful fireworks display a mesmerizing view to millions of people attending this event. You need to buy tickets to ensure your presence. The fireworks show can also be seen from the river cruise or you can find a restaurant with music in a suitable place with a clear view of London’s Eye. To facilitate the visitors, transportation inside London is free of cost from midnight till around 4 a.m. Check the availability of the restaurant you have planned for your dinner and make a booking before anyone else does. You can avail special food and deals listed on the menus on New Year’s Eve. Clubs and Pubs usually remain open for dance parties. People attend them to welcome the New Year. London is an ever-busy city, therefore, planning to reach your New Year’s Eve destination for celebration before the evening is the right choice.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – New York City, USA:

New York City is very popular for New Year’s Eve celebrations and arrangements. Approximately 1 million people gather at Times Square to watch the all famous Ball Drop in New York City at midnight. This event is arranged on a first come, first serve basis since 1907 and you need to reach Times Square before others to book your place free of cost. You must be properly dressed to tackle the weather conditions in New York City. This is the right place for concert lovers to book their tickets in one of the live performances at a nearby hall. You can check out for some delicious food at a restaurant in the surroundings with several deals on discounts. Various late night parties are arranged at clubs and bars of New York City.  You can avail tickets for one of them to get your desired deal inside the club on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – Las Vegas, USA:

If you have missed the New Year’s Eve celebrations for any reason, Las Vegas offers you one last chance across the world to join hands with millions of people to watch the city drowned in a sea of lights at midnight. The only time of the year when Las Vegas goes all out dark before the fireworks enlighten the sky and the ever bright city On New Year’s Eve. Several casinos in Las Vegas arrange spectacular fireworks to entertain people from all over the world to celebrate this New Year’s Eve. You can also catch up for fun-filled shows if fireworks are not the only thing you have planned. If you are visiting from outside Las Vegas, ensure to book a room beforehand because the prices are sky-rocketed at this festival. Wearing warm clothes is highly advised to the visitors due to the weather conditions in Las Vegas.


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