When the clock ticks at 12 on the midnight of last day of December, the skies are enlightened with the most fabulous New Year’s fireworks ever seen throughout the year. Hardly anybody goes to sleep without making this particular moment, a special one in their lives. Different cities around the globe, in accordance with their tradition and history, celebrate this tick of the clock with immense lighting across all historical and prominent venues. New Year celebrations prompt people from all age groups to spare time from their busy lives to step outside and mark their presence in the unique New Year celebrations that put a full stop to one cycle and begins the next one. But has anyone ever wondered what makes this distinct celebration so exceptional? What actually gets transformed into our lives with just one second?

The Significance of New Year Celebrations:

New Year celebrations are the most highly anticipated if any after the birthday celebration in anyone else’s life. After all the happenings and events; whether good or bad we come across throughout the year, this specific moment lets us find motivation for the upcoming year. At this particular split of a second, we get a chance to assess what we did through the last 365 days of the year and what should be the resolution ideas for the upcoming year to find ourselves at a better stage in the life. A lesson from the previous experiences put us in the forward direction towards a better and more competent person in the life ahead. The New Year celebrations become an obvious part of this event to put ourselves in a powerful state of motivation, leaving behind the regrets. Therefore, this little passage of time is quite significant to prepare us with the best possible start to a new cycle.


Time to Set New Year’s Resolutions:

Leaving aside New Year celebrations, there is a bitter reality in our lives which is death; an inevitable event. We can prepare ourselves to survive and escape almost every situation in life but death. With each passing year, we leave ourselves one step closer to this unavoidable reality. Why do we still tend to celebrate this particular moment with zest and motivation? We try to bring resolutions that relate to survival in a much desirable way. The inability of human beings to know what is coming ahead in their lives, make them vulnerable and powerless. To counter this situation, we prepare ourselves to handle things in a more controllable way possible. The resolution we set and promise to fulfill gives us that satisfying feeling of staying ahead and having more control over the uncertainty in life. There are certain things we can deny with a set of prepared mind. The ability to tackle the threat posed by these uncertain events makes us a more accomplished person. The New Year celebrations depict the happiness we share, on the survival of another cycle we thought of as an obstacle at some stage.

A Glimmer of hope in New Year  Celebrations:

Where there is regret, there is hope as well on the other side of the tunnel. For those who find the success in return to their long struggle, invest their energy in celebrating their success story and hoping to continue it the same way ahead. New Year celebrations become more meaningful if we accompany them with prayers. Prayers are considered very important in most religions. Praying can certainly turn our life into a less scary set of events; making us a strong believer of what is coming ahead has something purposely significant in our lives. Making new friends, forgiving our loved ones, achieving better health goals, quitting bad habits, setting motivational ideas and turning ourselves into a hopeful individual must be a few resolutions to crack with the fireworks. “Light” is a symbolic representation of hope that we enlighten through the fireworks and illuminate all the cities in the world as a part of New Year celebrations. It has been celebrated for over hundreds of years in all parts of the world for as long as we have the calendars. Greetings and gifts on New Year’s Eve are the usual exchange of compliments among people which symbolizes love and compassion. New Year is a time to have an insight on our weaknesses and preparing ourselves to come out strong and well prepared to deal with them in future.

Therefore, keeping your head high to deal with all the uncertainties of the future is the way to go. We can’t control certain aspects of life, but taking steps to have better control of the situation is the accomplishment we need to achieve. New Year celebrations indicate the survival through fireworks. Send good luck greetings to everyone in the future. Nothing changes in terms of the tick of the clock but we can certainly implement the promising resolutions to bring a better cycle in our lives.

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