The New Mexico state of USA shall perform in the New Mexico presidential elections 2016 through the known New Mexico voting history to form the New Mexico Total votes 2016. This could be itself a prediction for the 2016 New Mexico presidential elections, but not much can be known until all factors are considered.

New Mexico voting history


New Mexico voting history over the years

The New Mexico voting history can be seen over the years. It can also be taken as a measure for knowing the New Mexico total votes 2016 in the New Mexico presidential elections 2016. After the 2010 reapportionment, New Mexico has been seen to remain at 5 electoral votes until the 2020 New Mexico presidential elections at least.
With a total of 26 participations in the presidential elections, the state is now a Latinos supported area which is also why a change in the New Mexico presidential elections 2016 is possible.
Overall, there have been such results which are splitting for 14 victories for the Democrats and 12 for the Republicans. When it comes to the last 6 elections, the Democrats have won 5 of them now because the Latinos have been supportive of the Democrats over time. This is also why the side seems a reliably safe zone for Clinton easily.
The remarkable fact about New Mexico is not this that in the 1900s it was still more Democrats support. It is this that there has been 92.31% surety that the people of New Mexico vote for the winning candidate overall. This is one of the highest rates in the whole country. There have been only two times (in 1976 and 2000) when the state voted against the winning candidate party.
New Mexico stands for 0.9% of the total 538 electoral votes while it also has a weight of 1.8% of the total 270 electoral votes that are required for victory overall. When it comes to a timeframe between 1912 and 2012, then it has been seen that Democratic support has been extended with 53.85% in comparison to support for Republicans through 46.15%. Even when Bush won over as a Republican in 2004, it was the slight neck to neck competition of 49 to 50 percent only.
Hence, looking at the New Mexico trends over the years it seems to be a Clinton or Democratic safe state zone.

New Mexico Total votes 2016 reflections

The New Mexico total votes 2016 reflections can be known through the primary New Mexico presidential elections 2016 results. This is irrespective of the New Mexico voting history but gives prior information indication for 2016’s New Mexico presidential elections.
The primaries take place to know of the popularity of both the parties against each other while they also show the popularity of the inter-party candidates as well. The primaries for both the parties took place on 7th June 2016. It showed Clinton to be Democratic popular with 51.5% votes. On the other hand, Donald Trump gained 70.7% popularity.