Nevada presidential elections 2016 have been changed as Nevada total votes 2016 shall also undergo shifts in the Nevada voting history. They might or might not affect the 2016 Nevada presidential elections overall. This is because the population of Nevada has experienced the largest change and has increased quite a lot overall as well. This has also raised the number of electoral votes for Nevada in the overall presidential elections 2016 as one more seat has increased because of the same. Nevada voting history had seen 5 electoral votes since a long time, but it has now resulted in 6 electoral votes for the Nevada presidential elections 2016 overall.

Nevada voting history


Nevada voting history statistics over the years

Nevada presidential elections 2016 may see a change this year in representation as the number of electoral votes, have come to 6 for the 2016 Nevada presidential elections. It makes up for 1.15 of the 538 electoral votes that are up for winning while it has also reached 2.2% out if the total 270 electoral votes that are needed to win the whole presidential elections 2016.
When it comes to different statistics in Nevada voting history, it has been seen as a trend over the last ten years. From 1976 to 2012, there have been different random and irregular patterns for winning. This has made it almost very impossible to predict the Nevada total votes 2016 future. 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000, as well as 2004, have seen the Republicans win over the Democrats to have a red region state. However, when it comes to the other 4 years in the decade span, the Democratic Party has won the Nevada presidential elections. The most important and surprising thing to note here, however, is this that except for 1976, all the years have voted for the candidate that has won the presidential elections overall that year.
It has also been seen between 1900 and 2012 that 89.66% of the time the state has voted for the winning candidate overall in the presidential elections that year. Moreover, in the same duration, Nevada is also seen to favor the Democrat side more than the Republican side. To be more exact, this is a 51.72% to 48.28% in all respectively.
The trend that Nevada votes for the winning candidate could, in fact, give an idea of the Nevada total votes 2016 after all.

Nevada presidential elections 2016 primary results

The Nevada presidential elections 2016 primaries took place on 20th February and 12th February 2016 for the Democrats and the Republicans respectively. It has been seen that the Nevada voting history is not followed while the Democrats shall most probably dominate the Nevada total votes in Nevada presidential elections 2016. This is because the Democratic caucus gave Hilary Clinton a majority popularity vote of 52.6% in her party. On the other hand, Donald Trump has gotten a popularity of 45.9% for the same.
Hence, it is predicted that the state is going to have Hilary Clinton reliability overall in the 2016 Nevada presidential elections.