The Mississippi presidential elections 2016 hold 6 electoral votes in the Mississippi total votes 2016 margin while the Mississippi voting history has been indicated 2016’s Mississippi presidential election results well enough. The race is open for all as both the Republicans and the Democrats are out for the people of Mississippi to choose what they feel is best for them.
While everyone is on the lookout to know the future of the state in the Mississippi presidential elections 2016, there are two ways to support one’s thesis or formation for the same.

Mississippi voting history


Primary Mississippi presidential elections 2016 results

The primary elections are held in every state to know of the popularity of the candidates beforehand and how their strength is going on overall. The Mississippi primary can be a great help to predict what the Mississippi total votes 2016 would constitute for the 2016 Mississippi presidential elections.
The primaries were held for each of the parties both the Republicans as well as the Democrats on March 8, 2016, where the elections took place in their locations. In the Mississippi voting history, it has been seen that most of the time Republicans have been favored, and it has only been 1976 in which the Democratic Party won the Mississippi presidential elections 2016, and it also won the overall elections too. In 2012, the Democrats won over from 55.3% to 43.8% while in 2008 it was the same case again with 56.2% and 43% too.
From a timeline of 1976 to 2012, there has been a total of ten elections while six of them have shown to favor the winning candidate too. Hence, these trends show what the Mississippi total votes 2016 might show. If the trend continues then, this means that the Republican candidate shall win this year again.

The Mississippi voting history trend predictions

It is important to know that Mississippi presidential elections 2016 have four electoral representatives in the house while there have been significant Mississippi voting history trends too. These are those that outlook what the 2016 Mississippi presidential elections shall constitute in them. It is also important to know that in Mississippi a voter does not have to register with any party to vote in the primary as there is an open primary system prevailing here.
While the 2016 Mississippi presidential elections shall take place on 8th November 2016, the results in the primary are here. Hilary Clinton has been totally dominating here among all her candidates while she has also gotten 83% popularity too. When it comes to the Republican Party, it was Donald Trump who got 47% of the votes in his party. The popularity for Clinton truly seems very invigorating here. This could also mean that it could be Hilary in the general overall presidential elections 2016 besides the Mississippi total votes 2016 too. This might seem like a complete opposite of what Mississippi voting history is but who knows it might be a break this time.