2016’s Michigan presidential elections have been quite in as Michigan total votes 2016 have been seen through the Michigan voting history for Michigan presidential election 2016 results. The results have been quite dominant according to what the history says. This is because there are also different trends for the Michigan presidential elections 2016 that the state has seen.

Michigan voting history


Michigan presidential election 2016 saw the most candidate visits

It is no doubt true that the state of Michigan has truly had the most attention from all the 2016 Michigan presidential election campaigns. Donald Trump has visited Michigan thrice while all other Michigan presidential elections 2016 candidates have visited the state once at least. This is true for even the third party candidates as well. Looking at the Michigan voting history, it has been said that Michigan is a purple state which can go red under the right situations. Hence, this could be the reason why Trump keeps visiting the state while other activities from candidates have also increased. This is definitely to give in striking Michigan Total votes 2016.

The reason why Trump keeps visiting for Michigan Total votes 2016

The state of Michigan has such people in it who already feel disheartened and distrustful in the current government. These are the exact type of individuals that Trump has been looking for having his Michigan Total votes 2016. This, therefore, raises the chances for Trump to have another state in his pocket. There are also many other sources that have also caused the trend. The Real Clear Politics average poll for the 2016 Michigan presidential elections has shown that Clinton is ahead in the state by 8.6 points. On the other hand, there has also been a recent survey from Reuters which indicates that the Michigan presidential elections 2016 show both Clinton and Trump running even.
Hence, the debate and irony have been seen. This is also why Hilary has also made a visit to Michigan which is also her first since the campaign.
While there are already too many reasons for such frequent visits, the Michigan voting history should also be known. Michigan has 16 electoral votes in the whole presidential elections which account for a 3% chunk in the process. During 1900 up to 2012 Michigan has cast votes for the winning candidate for 72.41% of the times that is truly high. It has also been seen that during this period, more Republicans have been supported here rather than Democrats. This is a clear cut 58.62% and 41.38% representation for the same.
Moreover, the primary elections for both the parties had been held on 15 March 2016 where Donald Trump received a popularity of 36.5% which is less than Bernie Sander’s 49.7%. Hence, there can be no definite conclusion on what the Michigan total votes 2016 would be made of. The Michigan voting history and primary elections both contrast each other to have no definite predictions at all.