In the modern day era, it is comparatively easier for doctors to diagnose various fatal diseases as compared to the past. The modern technology has allowed the doctors in deciding while diagnosing diseases. The diagnose cancer at an early stage, it’s important to consult a doctor if there are symptoms of abnormal behavior in the body. A majority of people are diagnosed with cancer at a later stage which becomes next to impossible to cure. Early stages of cancer are usually painless. It is important to recognize the symptoms of cancer and get the medical tests done before it’s too late to become painful and incurable. Millions of people die just because their cancer is diagnosed at a stage where it can’t be treated.

Procedures to Diagnose Cancer:

There are different lab and imaging tests that doctors suggest if they see symptoms of cancer in a patient. The Biopsy is another method to diagnose cancer under which surgery is performed in which the doctor examines a sample of tissue from the body.

Lab Tests to Diagnose Cancer:

Whenever you consult a doctor regarding some unusual behavior or disease in the body, he usually suggests undergoing a few medical tests to have a closer look at the situation. These lab tests are the first step towards examining the body for any disease or abnormal levels of certain components. To help diagnose cancer, doctors prescribe blood and urine tests. The Complete Blood Count (CBC) is helpful in examining the total amount and behavior of body cells. In these tests, a sample of your blood and urine is taken for careful lab examination. Certain medical parameters need to be examined by the doctor to diagnose cancer. CBC allows the doctors to measure the number of cells that make the blood in the body usually represented as Red blood cells and White blood cells. Any disorder in the number of cells and platelets help doctors in diagnosing cancer. Although these lab reports are helpful to the doctors, it is not possible to rely on just lab tests to diagnose cancer.

Medical Procedures to Diagnose Cancer


Imaging Tests to Diagnose Cancer:

Many imaging scans are used to get clear pictures inside the body. These scans allow the doctors to see any tumors inside the body carefully. Imaging tests help in the confirmation of lab tests to diagnose cancer. These imaging scans include:

CT scan:

In a CT scan, a computer with the help of an x-ray machine takes detailed pictures inside the body. These inner pictures are then made clear for examination to diagnose cancer with the help of contrast material.

Medical Procedures to Diagnose Cancer


A computer in this case, with the help of a strong magnet, takes detailed pictures of your body. For diagnose cancer, these pictures are closely examined by the doctor on a monitor screen. This scan is known as MRI.

Medical Procedures to Diagnose Cancer


In this imaging test, the ultrasound machine sends sound waves that bounce off the tissues inside the body. This process produces echoes which are used by the computer to create an image inside the body which helps to diagnose cancer.

Medical Procedures to Diagnose Cancer


It’s the most common imaging test that uses the radiations to create an inside picture of the body. For diagnose cancer, x-rays help in the examination of various parts of the body. A patient can easily get their x-ray report from a nearby hospital and refer to a specialist for the final verdict.

Medical Procedures to Diagnose Cancer

Nuclear Scan:

To carry out this scan, a radioactive material known as a tracer is injected into the body which flows through the bloodstream. A machine known as a scanner is used to detect and measure the radioactivity. For diagnose cancer, the scanner creates a picture of different organs and bones on the computer for examination.

Medical Procedures to Diagnose Cancer


A biopsy is a medical test performed to determine the presence and significance of disease inside the body. For diagnose cancer in the majority of cases, a biopsy is performed which includes the removal of a sample of tissue. Close microscopic observation of this sample of tissue is performed in the laboratories to determine the extent of disease. The sample of tissues can be removed using a needle, undergoing endoscopy or surgery. Surgery involves the removal of partial or entire tumor from the body for examination.

Medical Procedures to Diagnose Cancer


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