Maryland has had its shares in the elections as the Maryland presidential elections 2016 shall be dominated by the Maryland voting history that will contribute to the Maryland Total votes 2016. This shall make the 2016 Maryland presidential elections results a bit more to conclude than in normal conditions. The debate is just going up to catch fire, so speculations for the same are being needed as well.

Maryland voting history


2016 Maryland presidential elections and a summary of the Maryland Total votes 2016

A conclusive summary of the overall Maryland total votes 2016 for the Maryland presidential elections 2016 can be gained effectively if one knows the sources that will lead to putting in votes, the reasons that are given to put in those votes and also the Maryland voting history that will affect the 2016 Maryland presidential election results overall.
Maryland has 10 electoral votes that make up for just 1.8% of the total votes that are up for grabbing while it also represents 3.7% of the total votes needed to win an election as well. There have been significant routes to know how Maryland presidential elections 2016 can be known for the total Maryland votes of 2016.
This can be known by analyzing the different trends in which Maryland has been voting since many years back. Going back to 2008, there had been 10 electoral votes by Barack Obama as the Democrat won over from Mc Cain through 61.92% and a meager 36.47% respectively. The same was seen yet again in 2012 when Barack Obama of the Democratic Party won again through his candidate Joe Biden against Romney who only got 35.90% popularity for his candidate Paul Ryan in comparison to the winning 61.97%. Hence, when it comes to Maryland presidential elections, it is all blue Democratic here.

Primary Maryland presidential elections 2016 results for Maryland voting history

The primary caucus for Maryland’s presidential elections 2016 was held on 26th April 2016 to know of the popularity vote beforehand as a practice observed and it was seen that Hilary Clinton turned out to be the most popular with the Democratic Party having a 62.53% popularity vote while it was Donald Trump who followed as a winner in his Republican party with a popularity vote of 54.10%.
With the popularity of Clinton there seems to be a revolution here again for the Democrats in Maryland because it has been known since back that Maryland supports most Democrats in its presidential elections because in the timeline of 1900 to 2012, they have voted more for Democrats than Republicans and this is evident through the percentages of 65.52% and 34.48% respectively for them over the years. Stepping into the times later than that, the Democrats have been favored even more, in fact in every Maryland presidential election till date from the year 2000 to the year 2012.
Since the Maryland voting history has been speaking of the Democratic winner and so has become evident with a better popularity in the caucus. It seems Clinton is in for a roll even though when Trump has been seen to sweep the state for a while.