Over a period of time, the world has seen an increasing number of street children on the roads and streets. Mainly due to a few major causes that push these children to leave their houses and search for a living in the outside world. It’s an alarming situation for everyone as more and more children lack the basic necessities of life. These street children are separated from each other and face serious health issues as well. It’s near to impossible to spend a life without basic human rights. There are a number of other major causes of street children, a few of them are mentioned below:


Poverty is the most concerning and major cause of street children. When there are not sufficient sources of income at home for the number of family members, these children go out on the streets to earn a living for them. The increasing number of childbirth among the poor also doesn’t help the cause. Parents force their children to leave their homes for this cause. It makes them homeless in the search of a better living and turn out as major causes of street children on the streets.

Natural Disasters:

During a condition of natural disasters, families are separated from each other thus, leaving behind these children to find food for them. This is the worst part of the lives of street children. They are supposed to spend the rest of their lives on one street or another. Major causes of street children include natural disasters to a significant level.

War Situation:

A war situation in the country has devastating effects on children. Upon bombardment, many families die in their houses and the ones who survive are left with no place to live. Among the children who survive, have already lost their families and are supposed to live on the streets and find a source of income which adds up to the major causes of street children. Therefore, as street children they wander in the streets, begging or working at some place.

Lack of Education:

Lack of education is one of the major causes of street children. These uneducated children are forced into the streets to earn a living. In the process, they easily fall prey to illegal activities and drug addicts. Without proper training at home, these street children ruin themselves in the streets. People force them into drugs business or illegal activities by offering them handsome money in return. No proper educational structure is made by the governments for these children due to which major causes of street children have increased day by day.

Family Relations:

One of the major causes of street children arises from poor families with an insufficient source of income to feed all family members, start showing a rude behavior to their children. There are many cases of children facing violence. This sort of attitude of parents towards their children forces them to leave their home. Children feel a lack of attention from parents and find it a better choice not to come back home. As a result, street children spend the rest of their lives in hard circumstances.


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