The major cause of the destruction of forests is the uncontrollable fire in the forests. It has destroyed thousands of forests mainly due to some factors which include natural disasters and negligence by humans. Natural disasters can certainly not be prevented, but we can play our role in saving the forests which are destroyed due to our fault. Forests contribute towards a better environment providing a healthy lifestyle. Forests protect our land from harmful emissions and provide fresh oxygen to breathe. If we don’t give attention to saving forests, it could eventually bring harmful and destructive effects on our planet. As far as we can contribute, the main causes of fire in the forests should be minimized by overcoming human negligence and making the proper law that every citizen should abide. Reducing the risks of fire in the forests may help to a great extent in saving forests and making the environment clean and healthy.

Fire Caused by Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters are among the major causes of fire in the forests. Disasters brought by nature are irresistible and uncontrollable. However, we can play our part in controlling what we can control. There are certain factors in natural disasters that cause forests to catch fire to an uncontrollable extent.


Lightning is one of the major causes of fire in the forests. This natural process can’t be controlled, and it results in a lot of damage to the forests. There are hundreds of forests in the world that are simply burned by the fire caused by lightning during thunderstorms. The burning of forests causes deforestation which is highly destructive for our environment. Not only does the fire burns the forest but also causes smoke to pollute the environment and as a result decreasing the amount of oxygen in that particular region.

Main Causes of Fire in the Forests and Protection

Friction between Trees:

During thunderstorms or powerful winds, thick forests do experience a rubbing process between trees. When trees rub each other at high speeds, it causes a lot of friction. This process of friction becomes fatal at a certain point when the trees catch fire. Due to the thickness of forests, this fire spreads along a huge area and destroys hundreds of trees. There are the causes of fire in the forests by the natural disaster. This process of friction results in the loss of a huge number of trees hence causing deforestation in that particular area.

Fire Caused by Human Negligence:

Human negligence is a controllable process, and one should learn not to destroy forests by any means. The main causes of fire in the forests also include human negligence. At times, people don’t have the intention to damage forests, but they don’t give attention to their actions which may cause serious damage to the forests. On certain occasions, people also burn forests intentionally for their benefits and sacrifice the national cause. This is illegal to set a forest on fire whatever the reason may be.

Main Causes of Fire in the Forests and Protection

Camping Site Bonfire:

Tourists who come to the forests for camping to experience night adventures, burn fire to enlighten their place of stay. It is also important here to show some responsibility and cease the fire before they turn to another spot. Due to this negligence, the trees catch fire which continues to grow and eventually burns a large area of the forest due to little human negligence.

Main Causes of Fire in the Forests and Protection

A burning cigarette:

Throwing a burning cigarette on the ground could also lead to a fatal fire which results in a loss of many trees. Such a little mistake may lead to a huge loss to nature. Therefore, we must take responsibility to save our forests which are intensely beneficial for our environment.

Main Causes of Fire in the Forests and Protection

A spark in Transmission Lines:

Some other causes of fire in the forests also include the lack of proper electricity wiring in the dense forest region. The power transmission lines may also cause a spark to ignite and burn a good number of trees in the forest. It is one of the major causes of fire in the forests which should not be overlooked by the concerned department. The maintenance of these transmission lines must be ensured to avoid any such case that may result in a huge loss to the forests. These were sparking lines when coming in contact with the trees, they catch fire which may expand rapidly in the forest.

Main Causes of Fire in the Forests and Protection

Personal Benefits:

Due to the lack of education among people living in the forests, people opt for illegal benefits on their behalf. There is a lack of facilities in such areas, and people find the only way to cut or burn woods in the forests and use them for cooking food. It’s the responsibility of government to provide sufficient facilities to the people so that they turn to illegal activities in the forests. The people don’t think of the national loss and regularly burn trees for their benefit.

Ways to Prevent Fire in Forests:

Certain precautions may save our forests from fire. Along with these precautions, we can also take the necessary steps to prevent fire in the forests to expand beyond our control. Once the forest catches fire, it’s necessary to gain control over it as soon as possible. It can only be possible if we have properly trained staff and modern equipment to control the fire from expanding to a larger area. Secondly, there is much need to bring awareness among people and educate them a few simple things that may save our forests from burning due to human negligence. Education in how to control fire in the forests is also essential to the concerned forest department personnel. The main causes of fire in the forests must be studied, and the necessary steps to overcome them must be learned. Some of the ways to prevent fire in the forests are mentioned below:

Modern Equipment and Trained Staff:

There is an urgent need to maintain the equipment used by the forest department to set out the fire in the forests. The causes of fire in the forests are in a great number and can only be reduced by properly trained staff. The concerned staff must be properly trained on how to control the fire that burns a huge area of forests due to any reason. We can only save forests if we have a properly trained staff equipped with modern techniques and tools that may help in ceasing fire as quickly as possible. There is no margin of error to waste time on controlling fire in the forests. The machinery including fire brigades, fire extinguishers, and other modern-day technology must be used to prevent fire to expand in the forests.

Main Causes of Fire in the Forests and Protection

Seminars on Educating Public:

The most important step in preventing the causes of fire in the forests is the arrangement of seminars that should educate the public. We can save hundreds of forests by educating people on not to show irresponsibility while they stay in the forests because human negligence is one of the most common causes of fire in the forests. The people must be educated through these seminars that solely focus on saving trees and forests to make our environment clean and green. The importance of forests must be explained to the public so that a wave of awareness may come across every citizen. The damaging forest is a symbol of the loss of a healthy environment.

Education on Preventing Fire:

Necessary steps must be taken to educate people on how to prevent fire in the forests. The causes of fire in the forests must be explained in detail and taught how to stop the forests to burn due to human negligence. There must also be seminars on teaching how to control fire in the forests from expanding to a larger area. There is always a room for improvement, and we can make sure it takes the least time to control fire with the help of modern day machinery using advanced technology. Fire in the forests can also be prevented by giving up a few destructive habits that cause the loss of forests. Smoking is not only a bad habit but throwing a burning cigarette on the ground might result in an even dangerous result of damaging the forests. Educating such little things is, therefore, necessary to bring awareness among people.

Help Organizations in Saving Forests:

To save forests for a healthier environment, we should play our role in society. There are some organizations working on programs stating “Saving Forests.” We can contribute to this national cause and save trees for a better and healthier environment. These organizations arrange seminars on educating people to prevent fire in the forests. The causes of fire in the forests are discussed at a larger platform and steps are taken to control deforestation which is an alarming situation around the globe.

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