Life of Street children or the life of homeless children means that the child is facing the homelessness issue. There is a proper reason that is why the children leave their home and start growing in the street environment. There is almost all kind of children who leave their home due to some of the domestic problems and some of the boys adopt bad habits such as smoking and in most of the street girls, they start prostitution as the life of Street Children spends. It is explained that the street children are the children who are thrown away from the houses because of some domestic issues and the poverty at large scale. The major reason for the life of street children is the single-parental family.

A single-parent-family means that there is just one person at home to take all the responsibilities of food to pay the bills. Another reason for the life of a street child is that one has to earn livelihood along with the growth and the food of a child or the children. For example, the study shows that most of the time in the life of a street child, the mother has to survive with a lot of miseries and the lack of expenses. These miseries are varied in number in the life of a street child, but here are some of them. Her husband leaves her and her children due to the unemployment, and he cannot bear the household expenses anymore. On the other hand, the locality residents continuously claim the mistakes and the naught of the child that is another cause for the child throwing away from home and causes the child to live the life of street children. Some sexual identification problems are also a big reason to force the child to leave the house and go to the streets earns his/her money by a life of a street child.

Definitions of street/homeless children

life of a street child

The service providers and the policy maker are trying to suggest “life of a street child” term a proper name. In most of the countries including Asian countries, the street children are named as beggars, street thieves, and drug abusers as they are just living their life as a life of street children. The policy makers and service providers are making struggles their best to name it as a homeless child rather name them as the beggars or the drug abusers as they are just living in streets and spending their time as the life of homeless children.

Distribution and the statistics of Street children:

Homeless or the street children are those who are thrown away from their houses due to some sexual identification or the other poverty like problems and forced to live a life of homeless children. The street children are growing in the different parts of the world. Initially, they were not drug abusers, and thieves or beggars, but they were just in a matter of life of homeless children, and the society or the streets made them all and involved these children in bad habits. These types of children are kicked out from the home as they don’t work according to the expectation of their parents or their parents tired by feeding them properly. People ask the UNICEF to take the responsibility of these children and UNICEF asks the public all over the world why the produce the street children or forces the children to leave their homes. There are almost tens of millions of street children are still walking the streets and taking part in negative activities. The most critical question is the number of street children increasing, or the public has aware of the street children.

History of homeless children:

life of a homeless child

Life of homeless child resembles with the dogs, not with the human. The question is who has made them like a dog or who has forced them to act like a dog. For example, they find their food in garbage baskets or the streets and on the roads. According to a survey, there were almost 30,000 street children in the UK (London) alone that are making their livelihood as the life of a homeless child, and almost seven million street children were there after the first world war fought by 1922. Those street children, who were lost or adopt street begging, started their gangs for robbery. Life of a homeless child is not more than a dog or an abused person.


The causes and the reasons are varied that cause the child to live a life of a homeless child but some of them are a breakdown of homes and the poverty, economical issues, financial problems, domestic sexual harassment and the identification of the sex are an addition to it. Sometimes, the Sexual identification means that the parents were hoping the different sexual. For example, they struggled all about to have a boy child instead of a girl during the pregnancy and they got a girl who is another reason that study shows and it forces the normal children to spend a life of a homeless child. They hate the baby girl and force her and pressurize her to leave the house in different ways. They don’t ask them directly but show her that they hate her. She leaves home resultantly and starts theft in the name of begging or other crimes such as prostitution.

Below is the discussion of some of the countries that are facing this issue and putting the child to spend a life of a homeless child.


life of a homeless child

There are almost 30,000,000 street children in Africa that have spent their life as life of a homeless child.


There are almost 7 million people in DRC (Democratic Republic Congo), and almost an estimated counting of 20,000 street children exist there.


In Cairo and great Cairo, there are almost 50,000 street children that are forced to spend a life of the homeless child.


An estimate report shows that there are almost 60,000 street children in the capital of Kenya and all over the Kenya, 2,50,000 children have left or force to leave their homes.