The state of Kansas has been known for its back old tradition of following the Kansas voting history which is why predicting the Kansas presidential elections 2016 results for Kansas total votes 2016 is what has helped to have proper projections for the same. Kansas has 6 electoral votes until 2020 which are up for their popular votes in the state.

Kansas voting history


Kansas projections through Kansas voting history for Kansas Total votes 2016

It isn’t good news for the other side as it has been a long time since Kansas saw a Democrat win. The Kansas voting history screams of the same as it hasn’t gone Democratic since 1964. However, if one looks at the Kansas presidential elections 2016 then Kansas total votes 2016 could see a bit of change as Trump isn’t very famous or known in the good books of the people there. There are wide chances of Hillary taking the bait from his because of this reason even though if it goes opposite to what has been projected through the Kansas voting history.

The 2008 presidential elections have revealed that Mc Cain got 6 electoral votes through Sarah Palin as he won against the Democrat Joe Biden by Obama. The percentages came to 56.48% and 41.55% respectively and it was again seen in the 2012 presidential elections that Romney the Republican won over in Kansas by 59.665 through his 6 seats while Obama lost to 38.05% there. Hence, the Kansas state is a true Red flag to be very literal.

Kansas caucus against the Kansas voting history for Kansas presidential elections 2016

The Kansas caucus took place recently to decide the fate of the Kansas total votes 2016 to see if it would follow the trend of the Kansas voting history. The primary Kansas presidential election 2016 results turned out to be different than expected.

It was seen that Hillary Rodham Clinton led Donald Trump in recent times specifically the Zogby poll while there were some explanations too.

The seven points leap had been perhaps Trump non-popularity and the reason that 21% of the people weren’t satisfied with what they voted while others could not decide a candidate at all.

The caucus took place on 5th March 2016 to know what was going to be in favor of any party. While different stats revealed that Clinton had in fact been leading by 6 or 7 points according to many other polls and sources too, it has been thought or declared already that Kansas would be Clintons and that this cannot be curtailed anyhow. The reason could be just because of Trump being too bad among the conservatives there.

Hence, while Kansas total votes 2016 shall be considered to be carrying the opposite trend one cannot be fully sure until the Kansas presidential elections 2016 are held, and the 2016 Kansas presidential election results are given out. Until then Kansas is already being considered a Clinton state already through projections.