Is today national hug day? Are you also one who is having the same question but you don’t know when is that. Then don’t need to be worried about this because this article is going to make you aware all about the hug day and will tell you real concerns connected with this day. So after that, you will be able to know that is today national hug day? Or if not today so when that day will come.

When and what is national hug day?

If you want to know that people who are asking the question that is today national hug day? And you have no idea that when is that day. So basically you should come to know the first thing that when is national hug day? So the answer is simple that on 21st of the January national hug day is being celebrated by millions of people. People find this day as a chance to give and take hugs and to share feelings of love and make their day joyful. You can make your time better, and you can find happiness everywhere, and many other things also which make you joyful.

is today national hug day

Origin of national hug day:

In the past, there was a great American psychologist, and he was working for the welfare of people. His purpose was to make the young people aware of the peaceful environment and to give them an environment of self-esteem and self-motivation. While he was working on that, he finds out one day he hugged his female friend who was the granddaughter of the proprietor. That proprietor was the member of publication that time. The psychologist named as Kevin Zaborney proposed this day as national hug day and this day was added to the chase’s calendar. This day had a great place in history and the first time this day was celebrated on September 23rd, 1986. And now this day is being celebrated on January 21st, and people love to utilize this day as an opportunity to create harmony.

Is today national hug day

Benefits of national hug day:

Is today national hug day? And when is hug day? These questions will make you so tense because many people will ask these questions from you. They are asking this question due to the great benefits of a hug, and this might make you aware in the right direction. You can find out below the advantages of hug day and hug as well.

    1. When you hug to someone the hormone of happiness oxytocin releases in your body thus you feel pleasure. It will make you happy even you are upset, and will make you joyful.
    2. Hug will give you relief from the anxiety, and if you are overloaded with work, then this is the right solution to overcome your burden. You can find that your stress has been released due to a hug.
    3. A hug can make your relationship better, and by a hug, you can fill out the gap of your absence and show your love as well and live happily.

So, in short, national hug day is so beneficial, and this can be used as a revolutionary tool for our society. So, next time get ready to answer and find that is today national hug day?

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