It seems that the Iowa voting history hadn’t been enough to know of Iowa total votes 2016 in 2016’s Iowa presidential elections which are why Iowa caucus has given roughly known Iowa’s presidential elections 2016 results. The reasons could be nothing at all as these only provide a better visionary of the state’s future.

Iowa voting history


Iowa caucus results for predicting the Iowa total votes 2016 in the Iowa presidential elections 2016

To have their separate set of understandings for the 2016 Iowa presidential election results, the Iowa voting history was set aside, and the February 1st caucuses took place to predict the Iowa total votes 2016 in the Iowa presidential elections 2016.

With overall voting for popularity taking place in all counties, the winner came out with a percentage of 27.6% popularity in the state while the runner-up came at 24.3% popularity in the area. Cruz managed to stay ahead while Trump could not stand up to it well.

Therefore, looking at what the caucus reveals, the projected winner in Iowa presidential elections 2016 seems to be Cruz. This means the rule of Ted Cruz is sure to have the red color of the Republicans in Iowa if the uncertainty of the Iowa voting history is kept well aside.

The predictions do favor the Republicans in Iowa but who knows anything until the 2016 Iowa presidential election results are here when the elections have ended.

Iowa voting history


Iowa voting history & Iowa Total votes 2016

Iowa has had its Iowa voting history just like any other state which has helped to predict the Iowa Total votes 2016 for the Iowa presidential elections 2016. To know of a regular pattern, a few things need to be known which include the percentages of the votes, the party, and their candidates as well as the one that has been ruling since then.

Going back with the timeline, November 2, 2004, presidential elections made the red Republicans victorious by only a very slight margin of 49.90% to 49.23% as Bush won the state with the seven electoral votes that it has, and the Democratic John Kerry had to lose theirs. Coming forward to the next presidential election on November 4, 2008, the tables had turned as Obama’s Democratic Party won through 7 electoral votes by a 53.93% and the Republican Mc Cain just got 44.39% popular votes.

As both parties have rules the state to give a nonuniform pattern for Iowa voting history we see a trend in the November presidential elections of 2012 when the Blue cool Obama won again by six electoral votes through a percentage of 51.99% and Romney lost through 46.18%

Perhaps this could be due to Obama or maybe could be a trend for the Democrats to win again this time through the Iowa total votes 2016 concentrated on blue for 2016’s Iowa presidential election results.