International Youth Day is an annual day which is celebrated every year on 12 August around the world to admit efforts of the world’s youth in increasing global society. The primary purpose of this day is to pay attention to a given set of cultural and legal problems which is around youth.

History of International Youth Day

International Youth Day

In 1991, the idea of the International Youth Day was first given by Young people who are gathered in Vienna, Austria, for the first meeting of the UN’s World Youth Forum. After this, the United Nations General Assembly in 1995 adopted the World Program of Action for Youth along with the intention of setting up guidelines and strategy for action and support that would lead to a dazzling future for tomorrow’s youth. In 1999, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the resolution 54/120. International Youth Day was accepted in this resolution. The first International Youth Day is celebrated on 12 August 2000. After this, this day is celebrated every year on 12 August around the world to increase the quality of opportunities which are available for the youth to participate in society actively.

How People celebrated this day?

International Youth Day

On International Youth Day many events and activities are organized to promote the advantages that young people bring into the world. It is also an opportunity to pay attention to the problems of the Youth of which they are facing every day. The events and activities include cultural events, concerts, workshops and meetings including national and local government and youth organizations are held around the world on International Youth Day.

Many countries participate in the global event. In this global event may include youth conferences on problems such as education and employment. Many sports events, parades, activities, and exhibition are held on International Youth Day which shows young people’s achievements. Every year International Youth Day is celebrated with a specific theme according to the issues which young people are facing every day.

Is it a Public Holiday?

The United Nations International Youth Day is an annual observance and not a public holiday.