International Woman’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8th around the world. This day is also called International Working Women’s Day or United Nations Day for Women’s Rights as well as International Peace. The reason behind celebrating this Woman’s Day is to appreciate the achievements, inputs as well as augmentation of the women within the society. Globally, it’s celebrated to give reverence to whole women fraternity, acknowledge them as well as an express love for them. As women today play a significant role in economic, political, as well as social activities in society, this day is noted to celebrate the elegance of womanhood around the globe. On this event celebration, a preplanned theme of the season is made to boost the social and political awareness towards the struggles as well as augmentation of women.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in the International Women’s Day Images and messages on social networking sites. This is what some of you’re saying. 8 March is celebrated as International Women’s Day worldwide. This is a day to allow women to be aware of their significance in human life as well as society. International Womans Day is the celebration of the accomplishments that women have made in various fields around the globe. In some of the countries like Europe noticed it as being a Political event while the International Women’s Day is a mixture of Valentine’s Day as well as Mother’s Day to show your love as well as respect towards the wife, mom, sister as well as a daughter. Let us not get into the facts while there is a weak part of everything and stick to the U.N. Organization announcement on the International Womans Day that is the empowerment of humanity through empowering women.

Everyday 1000s of girls suffer such form of abuse in silence and set up with domestic violence. Each day, 1000s of parents become victims of threats as well as feel the urge to save their daughters from separation and divorce.

Educate and empower her, don’t let her life to be put through hell. Her life is essential is the same as the boy; it’s important as anyone else’s; don’t deprive her of the joy of living. I thank God for the assistance I’ve gotten from my family as well as friends, and they’ll thank you as well. Please provide them with the chance to live. Become more vigilant. It’s the time that people stop using the words divorce as well as taboo synonymously. It’s time we let our mothers, wives, sisters daughters and female friends realize that they have the authority to live their lives as they wish as much any man has that right. If my message, as well as the story, have had an effect on even one individual, I believe I’ve saved a life. Here’s to a new year with the expectation of a better society which doesn’t oppress anyone’s daughter by any means.

The celebration of International Women’s Day

Women’s Day is a special event celebrated globally on 8th March by women leaders from all of the walks of society i.e. the business, community, political, educational institutions, inventors, etc. On this day numerous programs in regards to the women issues are organized, women parade, conferences,  like seminars, competitive activities, etc. It’s celebrated to improve the awareness about women’s rights, inputs to society, needs for education, career possibilities.

Female teachers receive a token of appreciation through their students, mothers through their children, sisters by their brother, etc. The majority of the business organizations,  Private offices, Public agencies, and educational institutions are closed only on that day. People around the globe wear purple ribbons for celebrating this event.

Have a look at Latest International Women’s Day Images in HD. 8 March is celebrated as International Women’s Day worldwide. Download  Top International Women’s Day Images and Happy Women’s Day Pics. This can be a special day to let women know their significance in one’s life as well as society. She plays different roles for example sister, daughter, mother and also a wife in her life. This day is celebrated along with full joy and this day is primarily celebrated to enhance Women Empowerment in all around the globe. Women Empowerment can be a huge concern to discuss around the world, and so the Women’s Day is celebrated.

International Womens Day Theme:

Women’s Day is celebrated yearly using a particular theme. Certain year wise themes are:

International Womens Day Theme: 2016: “Pledge For Parity.”

International Womens Day Theme: 2015: “Make It Happen.”

International Womens Day Theme: 2014: “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women.”

International Womens Day Theme: 2013: “A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence against Women.”

International Womens Day Theme: 2012: “Empower Rural Women, End Poverty, and Hunger.”

International Womens Day Theme: 2011: “Equal Access to Education, Training, and Science and Technology: Pathway to Decent Work for Women.”

International Womens Day Theme:

2010: “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All.”

Today we’re going to share some high-quality International Women’s Day Images, grab our Women’s Day pics as well as send it through Facebook and also WhatsApp. There’s still a long road ahead, so we can all play a role. International Womens Day celebrated globally on 8 March. While there have been many accomplishments by women. We celebrate numerous achievements which have come and galvanize action to deal with the gaps which remain in making gender equality a reality. Great your beloved might be Mother, Sister, Girlfriend, Colleagues, Wife,  Aunts, etc. with these beautiful International Women’s Day Images, International Womens Day quotes, Whatsapp Status Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Pictures Etc.

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